IT Staffing vs. IT Outsourcing

Every company has different IT needs and struggles. With the pandemic permanently changing the modern-day workforce landscape, companies are working diligently to evolve their IT operations. The result is often a deficiency in one area or another, which translates into one of two things: bring on new IT staff members on a temporary/permanent basis or outsource some of your IT functions. So, what are the differences between IT staffing and IT outsourcing, and which option is suitable for your team?

What is IT Staffing

IT staffing is when you recruit new members for your IT department. You can do this internally or work with a professional recruiting firm to source the top IT talent on the market. When you work with an IT staffing firm, like JSG, you have a ton of flexibility to meet your company’s needs.

Contract staffing

You have the option to work with an IT recruiting firm to source IT professionals on a temporary basis. This option is ideal for short-term IT needs, such as completing a project, filling in for a staff member who is on leave, or simply accomplishing a few tasks your internal team doesn’t have the time to complete. These short-term contacts are typically between three to six months. Once you no longer need the contractor, the contract ends, and they go on their way. Contract IT staffing is an excellent solution for immediate needs without paying to bring on a permanent staff member, which saves you both time and money.


Similar to contract staffing, contract-to-hire staffing solutions allow you to hire an IT professional on a contract basis. However, after the contract concludes, you can convert them to a full-time staff member. Contract-to-hire staffing is an excellent way to “try before you buy.” Basically, you can hire a contractor to work alongside your IT department. If they are a good fit and are happy with their work ethic, you can permanently hire them. Or, if the contractor doesn’t seem to fit well, you can go your separate ways.

Direct-hire or permanent IT staffing

The final solution is direct-hire or permeant IT staffing. Like the name implies, this is when you work with a recruiting firm to source an IT professional to join your team. You can leverage a staffing firm’s recruiting tools, extensive candidate pool, and industry knowledge to source the best IT candidates on the market. The candidates are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are a good fit. We help your hiring team navigate this strenuous process and make it easy to onboard your newest team members.

IT Outsourcing

If IT staffing doesn’t seem like it fits your company’s needs, IT outsourcing may be a better solution. Outsourcing IT operations is a simple way to receive the support your team needs to keep day-to-day processes running smoothly. You can outsource your IT to enhance areas where your internal staff isn’t at full capacity. Or, if you are a company that doesn’t have an IT department, you can outsource all of your IT systems.

For example, if you are struggling to support the growing tech support your remote staff needs daily, you can outsource just your helpdesk support. Outsourcing certain IT functions is a great way to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and leverage more flexibility. Industries that often outsource some of their IT services are legal, healthcare, automotive, and finance.

Get the IT support that fits your demands

Every company has different needs, and it’s essential to get the IT support that exceeds them. So, whether you’re working with a recruiting firm to source IT personnel or outsourcing your IT services, JSG is here for you. Our talented recruiting team is ready to identify IT professionals that will fit your team and keep your operations running smoothly. We have solutions we can customize to meet your company’s IT demands and budget. Reach out to our experienced IT consulting team today, and let’s create a solution together.

Contract Staffing Is Key In Today’s Market

There are a lot of uncertainties in the world today. As both companies and workers try to navigate this unknown territory, it can feel like you’re doing it blindfolded. Many workers are unsure of what’s in store for their future careers, and that can be unsettling. However, businesses must continue to grow and provide the products and services necessary to keep our society in motion. What if we told you it is possible to do this while mitigating risks and offering employment to the incredible talent on the market today? With contract staffing, this can easily be achieved. In today’s post-pandemic market, contract staffing offers a stable yet flexible workforce solution for both companies and employees.

Why Contract Employment Is The Right Move For Your Career

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shutdowns throughout the country, millions of talented workers found themselves suddenly displaced. If you are in this situation, you’re probably wondering what to do next. Job listings are slim, especially in the trajectory of your ideal career. The jobs that are available jobs aren’t probably part of your long-term career goals. However, you also don’t want to look like a “job hopper.” It’s almost a catch-22.

Contract employment is the perfect middle-ground. It allows you to get back to work quickly, provide benefits for your family, and continue advancing your career. Simultaneously, you are afforded the opportunity to work temporarily or on projects as needed. As an added bonus, you may also get to work in areas that you usually wouldn’t, giving you a chance to actually beef up your skills and resume. And in a perfect world, your contract assignment may even turn into a full-time opportunity if it’s a good fit!

How Contract Staffing Can Keep Your Company Moving Forward

While business starts to pick back up, many companies are cautiously optimistic. And as a result of the millions of furloughs and layoffs, there are some incredibly talented candidates on the market right now. If you’re itching to take advantage but unsure of the stability of the economy, contract staffing is the perfect solution.

It allows you to hire employees on an as-needed basis; whether that is for a specific project or to fill critical gaps in your workforce. You can hire contractors on a long-term or short-term basis to choose what works best for your current needs. And at any time, you can terminate the contract, which is much more amicable than implementing layoffs. Hiring contract reduces fixed costs and helps you save by paying straight time for hours worked. And finally, contract staffing allows you to get someone in the door immediately.

So, whether you are looking for a contract position or to hire a contractor, partner with Johnson Service Group. We’ll help you build a contract staffing solution that solves your immediate needs and paves the way to a brighter future.