Technological Changes That Emerged from the Pandemic

The pandemic has sparked some serious technological innovations in the workplace, and we need to understand these changes to stay ahead of the curve. Our workplaces, interfaces, and everything in-between will not look the same as we tread further into 2020. COVID-19 has digitized life as we know it and sparked innovative change in many companies. The pandemic has given rise to rethinking technology, communication, and culture. Stay in the loop by following these three significant technological changes that are taking the world by storm.

A Monumental Spike in AI

The spike in artificial intelligence (AI) since the pandemic broke out has been monumental; almost everyone is starting to incorporate it. Around 73% of organizations are planning to adopt AI within their organization somehow, according to Accenture Technology. Currently, AI might seem like a rare commodity within companies, but soon enough, every company will implement some aspect of AI into their organization. According to Grand View Research, the global AI market is projected to grow from $62.4 billion to $733.7 billion by 2027.

Improved Methods of Communication

The pandemic helped bring so many workplace collaboration tools, productivity applications, and communication software to the market. Companies like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and many more have seen a significant increase in use. Between March and April of 2020, Zoom’s daily users jumped from 10 million to 200 million daily users in just one month, illustrating how vital communication tools have become. The pandemic has shown us that communication is key to running a good team, whether in the office or from a screen!

VR Development

Virtual Reality (VR) accelerated its innovations as a result of the pandemic. VR is a fantastic way to train employees by testing workplace scenarios and teaching new skills with little consequence for failure. In a PWC study, researchers found that 275% of people were more confident to apply skills learned after training with VR technology. So, who knows? With that kind of success rate, you might complete all your workplace training through VR in the future.

What Does the Increase in Technology Mean for Me?

With the robust advancements with technology over the last few months, you can take a few steps to stay qualified and aware:

  • Become more tech-savvy.
  • Develop and show-off your tech skills (there are a million helpful tutorials out there!).
  • Improve your communication and diverge your methods of communication.

Technology opens the door to new knowledge, creativity, and career opportunities. Ten years ago, you couldn’t even fathom a career as a ‘drone operator’ or an ‘AI developer;’ these types of tech jobs did not even exist yet. This should excite you! You cannot even imagine the fantastic career opportunities that will come because of technological innovations.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, check out our jobs board for tech jobs across North America!

Will You Be Working from Home Permanently?

Working from home has become the new norm for millions of Americans over the last couple of months, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. However, even as states begin to reopen, some companies are extending their work from home (WFH) policies throughout the summer. Others are pushing them out until 2021. For example, Google and Facebook have both extended their work from home policies until this fall. Some companies, like Twitter, are making WFH a permanent option. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, just announced that he is allowing his employees to work remotely permanently, even after the pandemic is over. So, will you be working from home permanently? Or, are you counting down the seconds until you can head back to the office?

The work from stigma is fizzling out

Many employers that were once against working from home have turned over a new leaf. With millions forced to work remotely because of stay at home orders imposed by our states’ governors, most employers did not have a choice. As a result, companies are changing their tune on letting their employees work remotely. This shift will have a significant, lasting impression on the modern-day workforce for years to come. Employers that once refused to let their team operate remotely are now hiring new employees for remote positions. In fact, job postings for remote positions were up 42% on LinkedIn in March. This trend will likely increase, even after we overcome this virus.

The benefits of working from home

Millions of Americans are getting the privilege of WFH for the very first time. And the majority of them are enjoying it. A recent study from ZDNet found that 40% of workers would prefer to work remotely full-time in the future. Furthermore, working from home has improved the productivity and communication of many workers. A report from USA Today found that 54% of workers are more productive than when working in the office. This result is due to the time saved from commuting, as well as fewer distractions and meetings.

With a positive impact on our workforce, don’t be surprised if more employers begin to offer remote work in the future.

Looking for ways to stay productive while working remotely?

Working remotely is definitely an adjustment for many of us. And although there are tons of good things coming to fruition because of this newfound productivity working from home, others are struggling to make this transition. If you need a little help boosting your WFH productivity, check out our blog on how to effectively work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Partnership With A Recruiter

If you’ve decided to partner with a recruiter to fill your critical needs, you may already be ahead of your competition. However, more and more companies are joining forces with recruiting powerhouses in order to compete in this candidate-driven market. So how can you ensure that you are getting the most out of your partnership with a recruiter? Follow these three steps, and you’ll be on your way to hiring top talent in no time!

Communicate Often

Open lines of communication are absolutely essential to maximizing a recruiter’s value to your team. At JSG, we hustle to get the best candidates in front of you as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, these candidates are juggling multiple interviews, with offers from several companies rolling in at once. So it’s vital that you let us know who you want to interview quickly and provide feedback immediately.

Likewise, if you have questions or find yourself wanting more from the candidates we submit, let us know! The more information we have about the position, your team dynamic, and company culture, the more accurate our search is for finding your next great hire.

Be Open To Advice

At Johnson Service Group, we have placed tens-of-thousands of candidates with hundreds of companies. Along the way, we’ve gathered some insights into hiring trends and processes. We do our best to ensure that you are able to hire the best candidates available. Thus, we’ll offer advice along the way! Maybe your salary is a bit too low for the skill set, or you’ll be able to get an out-of-this-world candidate if you offer relocation. Open yourselves to our feedback for a chance to secure the talent you need to take your team to the next level.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Last, but certainly not least, you must streamline your hiring process as much as possible! In this candidate-driven market, competition for great candidates is hot, and they are not available for long. And while we try to submit our candidates exclusively to our clients, it may be out of our control if they are ready to make a move right now. Consider skipping multiple phone interviews and bring candidates on-site as soon as possible. Did you receive a candidate you absolutely loved? Don’t hesitate and continue interviewing “just because.” Let us know when you’re ready to extend an offer, and you’ll have a next-level employee in no time!

If you’re ready to start your partnership with a recruiter, reach out to us today and let’s work together.