Four Simple Guidelines to Writing the Best Job Description

Write A Better Job Description

Job descriptions are an unavoidable evil – and can be the bane of existence for a Hiring Manager or HR employee. Most of the time, you need to hire someone yesterday, so a job description gets thrown together haphazardly in order to get it posted ASAP. But… have you ever considered that this could be the sole reason that you are not able to hire the candidates you want and need? The job description is the first interaction your prospective talent has with your job, and in many cases, your company. If it doesn’t get their attention or speak to them on a personal level, it’s on to the next one! When you break it down, there are 4 basic parts to the job description, and there is a trick to optimizing each one:

1. Engaging Introduction

This is where so many companies miss the mark. This is your opportunity to grab the attention of your reader and highlight why they should want to work in this position at your company. Instead of giving a straight forward overview of the duties and the history of the company, think outside the box! Candidates are all about transparency and authenticity these days. According to the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report, 66% of candidates care most about a company’s culture and values when considering a job change. And they don’t just want a canned answer – but an honest perspective. “Give a real picture of the company’s working environment, not the usual made-in-heaven company profile.”

Some of the things you can include in your introduction are the team makeup, current exciting projects, volunteer opportunities, and fun quirks about the position or company. Do you do donut meetings every Friday morning? Head out to Habitat for Humanity once a year? Maybe you just finished a big design project and are looking for some hands-on implementation. Talk about your company’s journey – the hurdles you’ve overcome, your major accomplishments, and your big-picture dreams and goals.

2. In-Depth Description of Job

Seems pretty self-explanatory that a job description should include a description of the job – right? Well, you don’t want to include just any checklist of duties. You want your candidates to imagine what it would be like to affect change in your organization, not just “run daily reports, participate in weekly meetings, and utilize company software.”

Use the meat of the job description to not only explain what they’ll be doing, but how it will affect the company as a whole. How do their day-to-day actions tie into the success of their team? Essentially – explain why this job is important. For example, upgrade “participate in weekly meetings,” to “participate in weekly strategy sessions to determine program effectiveness and develop new ideas and solutions.

3. Qualifications

Controversial opinion time – don’t include too many qualifications or requirements that are too strict. You don’t want to limit your candidate pool just because you said the ideal candidate needs 6 years of experience when there are hundreds of impressive candidates that have 5 years of experience. More and more, companies are adopting the philosophy “hire for attitude, train for skill.” There are so many candidates that could make a huge impact at your company that you might be missing out on due to a long laundry list of requirements.

Of course, include the absolute must-haves for the job. Then, include the skills and experience that you desire; (it helps candidates find your job!) But consider leaving out limiting numbers or super specific details.

4. Contact Information And Next Steps

I understand that not every company or hiring manager can include their direct contact information. But it can be a very powerful tool! When a candidate sees an actual name/phone number/email tied to a job description – it creates an instant connection. It makes the job description feel more tangible when there is an actual human behind it!

Another option is to give a brief overview of the interviewing and hiring process. We will be calling prospective candidates on this date, conducting interviews during this week, and hiring our newest team member by this date. You can even give them tips on preparing for the interview. Knowing what to expect will give your candidates more confidence in applying – and they will have something to look forward to!

Why You Should Partner With a Recruiter for your Next Hire: From Someone on the Outside

Why You Should Partner with a Recruiter for your next hire: From someone on the outside, Johnson Service Group, people, reach, hire, inspire, handshake, recruiting, hire, hiring,

When I first found out about a marketing internship available at Johnson Service Group, I was slightly confused. What was this company? I had so many questions, so I dove into the website and did my research. “Ooooh okay. They’re a recruiting firm,” I thought to myself.

I had answered parts of my questions, but I was still confused. Sure, I saw the front page of the website that says, “We help businesses hire talented people.” However, I still didn’t understand what that really meant.

I still had questions that were left unanswered until my interview. Once I learned what I would potentially be doing, it became clearer to me what Johnson Service Group was and what they did. And on my first day it all finally clicked when I took a walk through the office.

It has been just over three months since I began here, and let me tell you it has been a lot of fun and I have learned so much. Not just about marketing, but about recruiting firms and why they are so important. The people here do three distinct things, and those make them who they are. These three things are so invaluable, and they’re why you should partner with a recruiter for your next hire.

1. They are relationship builders

This was something I noticed right away. As soon as I met all of the recruiters, I felt like I had been in the office for years. Not only did they make me feel welcome, but they made an effort to get to know me and they made me feel like I was part of the team. And as I got to know who they are over the course of the summer, every day in the office has felt like a family gathering.

In the same way that they all built a relationship with me, they build relationships with their clients and candidates. Every conversation they have is way more than just “work.” They build a relationship with each and every person they talk to and get to know them on a personal AND professional level. They learn as much as they can about candidates so that their you get the best fit for your open position. And they’re constantly going the extra mile for their clients, too. They make an effort to know more than just the job description. They want to fill your position with a candidate that is not only qualified, but one that will gel with your company and make a lasting impact.

2. They are professional

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there’s more to it than you think. When I ask for industry help, they are constantly there to answer my questions, and when I ask for feedback, they are honest and helpful.

Likewise, the recruiters here show so much respect and are extremely professional with their clients and candidates. They’re available practically 24/7 for both clients and candidates. They know when to push, and they know when to ease off the pedal. They know what you want to hear, but they aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. If they can’t find a candidate perfect for your opening, they’ll tell you. They won’t sugar coat it and they won’t lie to you. They’ll always ask the tough questions so that they can give you the best service possible.

3. They care

This is what sets the recruiters here over the top. They are constantly checking in on me and making sure I am succeeding. Whenever I go to them with new ideas or projects, they’re always willing to help. They are constantly enjoying the time they spend in the office and on the phone because they really do care about their work, and it shows.

You can hear it in their voices and see it in their messages. The team of recruiters here live and breathe what they do. I have experienced it first-hand. When they fail, they’re disappointed in themselves. When they succeed, they’re ready for the next challenge. No matter what they are doing they put everything into it. They make you feel special and they want you to succeed as well. Recruiters will get you the best candidate for your opening because they care about their work, and they want to make a difference for you.

As someone who knew nothing about the recruiting industry coming into this position, I sure am confident in saying that using JSG is any company’s best bet. These recruiters will not only have your back through the hiring process, but most importantly, they will help you find the perfect fit for your company’s opening.