Happy Holidays From All Of Us At JSG!

2020 has been a challenging year for most of us, which makes this season feel a little extra special this year. The best part of the holidays is remembering those who make them meaningful. To celebrate, we had our employees throughout North America share how they’re getting in the holiday spirit. Please join us in cherishing this time with one another and relishing in gratitude for the relationships we’ve established and grown throughout 2020.

Ken & Dale Slater


JSG Charleston

The Charleston, SC team virtually sponsored a Christmas stocking filled with specified items for a 9-year-old girl. This is a picture of our team dropping off the gifts!


Ed Zetusky

Here are some pictures of our very photogenic yellow lab, Chance….

George Dabagia


Matt Owens

Here are my kids (and 80lb puppy) with the big guy!

From left: Maddison (she’s not happy), Emma, Chase (pup) and Matthew!

Miranda Jones

Christmas at our house means Christmas pillows to lounge on for Mr. Tristan… Just don’t judge his at home COVID-19 haircut, he’s sensitive about it! 😉

Tracy Colby


Linda McCarron


Kevin Sullivan

Planning a wedding during the pandemic hasn’t been easy, but plans are finally starting to come together for my fiancé and I to get married in March! We’re sending a Christmas card to let all of our friends and family know that the wedding is still on, but the list is going to be a lot smaller than we thought.

Cathy Kennedy



Our 1-year-old channeled his inner “Christmas Vacation” by dressing up as Uncle Eddie!





Here’s a picture of my tree and baby. She was caught mid-yawn, thought it was perfect!


This is my favorite part of my Holiday decorations (and also my occasional Teams Video backdrop)! Happy Holidays!


My cat admiring Christmas tree lights for the first time ❤ it’s her first Christmas!

Christmas time is a very special time of the year filled with many blessings.

Our team in Jacksonville would like to share the beautiful tree in our lobby we get to enjoy every day!

It has been an unusual year to say the least, but all of us are very blessed!  We are all coming together to do a Christmas Drive for Wolfson Children’s Hospital in downtown Jacksonville.

Wolfson Hospital is in great need to help the infants who can not be home for Christmas!  So the team is buying gifts for the little ones, and next week Operations will deliver them.

We can already see all their smiling faces. 😊 It is always nice to be able to give back to the community.

From our office to yours we wish everyone at JSG a  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My wife decided to make a Christmas blanket for our one-year-old niece. Her first attempt turned out to be a dog scarf for Penny. Happy Pawlidays!



We are so blessed to be spending the holidays in our new home. While this is the boys’ second Christmas, it is their first time seeing all the Christmas decorations.

Ruger and Remington love to watch the lights and check out the ornaments. All four dogs have been very good girls and boys, so we are all excited to see what Santa brings them.

Merry Christmas,

The Rudders

Laura, Josh, Reya, Ruger, Remington, and Ruby


Shelby and Lolli are patiently waiting to bark at Santa and of course some new toys to tear up!




A shout out to wish everyone a wonderful safe holiday. May 2021 bring you and your loved ones many blessings.


 Interesting that his hat said naughty on one side and nice on the other and he totally chose nice all by himself…..

Loch getting ready for his 1st Christmas



Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for partnering with us to help hardworking job seekers find new opportunities this year.

From all of us at JSG, have a healthy, safe, and prosperous Holiday season!

The Christmas Spirit Felt Throughout JSG

Here are just some of our offices showing off their Christmas spirit! We wanted to say thank you to our Clients, Candidates, and staff for an amazing 2018. We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Ken Slater and Jim Filarski

Birmingham, Alabama

Wishing you Happy Holidays all the way from Birmingham, Alabama!

Atlanta, Georgia

Warmest wishes from our Atlanta, Georgia team!

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Wishing you a Blessed Holiday Season from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania!

Jacksonville, Florida

Sending Happy Holidays all the way from Jacksonville, Florida!

Calabasas, California

We here in Calabasas, California are you wishing you the best Holiday Season!

Bedford, Texas

Celebrating the Holidays and wishing you the best from Bedford, Texas!

Haddon Heights, New Jersey

New Jersey Christmas Photo

North Charleston, South Carolina

Wishing you a safe and healthy Holiday Season from North Charleston!

Tampa, Florida

May Magic and Wonder fill your Holidays! Sincerely, the Tampa, Florida team

Tennessee Region

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and wonderful Holiday Season from our Tennessee Team!

JSG Canada

Wishing you a Festive Holiday Season from JSG Professional Services!

Chicago, Illinois

We are wishing you a Merry Christmas and Bright Holiday Season from Chicago!

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Florida Photo

Spokane, Washington

Merry Christmas from Johnson Search Group!

‘Tis The Season for Giving at JSG

During the holiday season, our JSG team loves to give back. Many of our offices around the United States and Canada partner with local communities and charities to help share the spirit of giving. Here’s how some of our offices here at JSG gave back to the community.

The Chicago Office Donates Presents and Hosts a Food Drive


Our Chicago office adopted several families from the Naperville, IL area. The team donated presents and wrapped them for families who wouldn’t have otherwise had gifts for the holidays.

Chicago Office Food Drive


The team in Chicago also hosted a food drive and donated the food items to a local food pantry.

North Charleston, SC office spends the day at Low Country Food Bank


Our team in North Charleston spent an afternoon volunteering at local Low Country Food Bank helping prepare for the busy holiday season!

Tampa, FL office spent the day volunteering  Metropolitan Ministries


The Tampa Team volunteered for Metropolitan Ministries who are local, grassroots, donor and volunteer-fueled community nonprofit. They provide practical solutions for poor and homeless families and individuals throughout Tampa Bay.  We volunteered in their Kitchen for meal prep for their locations.

Johnson Search Group in Spokane, WA donates gifts for Toys for Tots

Each year, the Johnson Search Group team has a gift exchange. They draw random names and give the person they draw a gift they think they would have liked as a kid. They wrap up all the presents and do a gift exchange at their office Christmas party. Afterward, they donate all of the toys and gifts for Toys for Tots.

Read This if You’re Hoping Santa Brings You a New Job This Christmas

Santa brings you a new job

During the holidays, it’s easy to reminisce on the things you have and are wanting in life. It’s a time of happiness and joy for loved ones and time spent together. But it also exasperates things in your life that are not where you’d like them to be… Especially, if you’re unhappy with your career. So, instead of hoping Santa brings you a new job this Christmas, here’s how you can do it for yourself!

Update Resume

If Santa brings you a new job this Christmas without updating your resume, I’d be surprised (and you’d have to send your secret)! Resumes are your first impression; the first chance you have to make a company say, “hey, this looks like a great person for our role!” And, if you don’t make that impression, you will most likely not get an interview.

So, firsts things first, ensure you keep your resume updated as much as you can. This way, when you decide your ready for a change or a job of a lifetime falls in your lap, you’re not 10 years behind on your skills and experience. Because let’s be honest, trying to remember all of that is difficult.

The next thing you want to do is make sure you personalize your resume for the jobs you’re applying to. Yes, this is more work, but in the long run, it will help get your resume on the desks that matter and in turn, leave you with multiple offers to choose from! Now that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Have a Reference list

You never know when an employer is going to want to ask for a reference list. (You obviously do not have to worry about this if Santa brings you a new job!) But if he doesn’t, they could ask for them after you’re offered the job or before your first interview. Which mean making sure you’re prepared with one is essential. If you’re currently working and afraid to put your current boss on there, ask a friend at the company to vouch for you or just use passed references. But, always make sure to check in and ask if it is still okay for you to add them to your list. This way, they are prepared, and well, haven’t forgotten about you!

Apply to jobs you want

Now, if you’re applying to a new position, it’s probably because you’re looking for a variety of things. And some of those things could include more passion for your work; more work-life balance; better pay and so on. So why settle for something less than what you’re wanting? Don’t apply to positions that don’t speak to you. Or, at least meet your criteria and are not like the position you’re wanting to leave.

Today’s job market is too hot to not be applying to jobs you will love. Trust me!

Use Recruiters

If you’re looking for more help, use recruiters. Here at Johnson Service Group, we specialize in almost every major career field out there. So, whether you love contract work or are looking for a permanent position, our recruiters can help you find your next big move. A move that will not only feel like the best present you could get but one that sets you up for success through the whole job search process!

Now, if you’re hoping Santa brings you a new job this Christmas, that may not fit in his sleigh… But some say this time of year is the best time to be looking. Not only is it because Santa could bring you some luck, but most companies have big hiring needs starting in the new year. And if you’re ready to make a move, you will be picked up in a hurry. Especially, in today’s job market.

We here at Johnson Service Group wish you the very best Christmas and Holiday season! And don’t forget us if you ever need help finding the perfect position for you.

JSG is More Similar to Santa Claus Than You Might Think

Santa Claus

Once a year, Santa Claus gets to spread Christmas spirit and cheer to all the good boys and girls across the world. He has an army of elves helping him prepare for the big day and a team of reindeer to guide his sleigh through the night. But do you know what the best part about Santa is? He gets to bring everyone together and spread joy to all the good boys and girls.

Does this sound at all familiar? Who else gets to spread joy to well-deserving people? Well, here at JSG, we get the privilege of matching great candidates with fantastic organizations 365-days a year. You may not have ever put the two-and-two together, but Johnson Service Group is a lot like Santa Clause, and here’s why.

Instead of building toys, JSG builds relationships

At the North Pole, hundreds of elves are building toys for Santa to deliver to children around the world. At JSG, our recruiters and account executives are busy building lasting relationships with employers and building upon our current ones.

We pride ourselves on fostering strong relationships with our clients and truly understanding their hiring needs. We consider ourselves matchmakers by finding talented candidates that want to go and work with well-respected companies.

Instead of making a list, JSG checks our clients’ needs (twice)

As we all know, Santa makes a list (and checks it twice)! Instead of making a list, we help our clients find candidates that meet all of the requirements on their candidate “wish list.” We take the time to understand what our clients need.

Whether it’s a software engineer, automation technician, or even a pipeline project manager, we ensure we thoroughly understand the needs of each and every one of our clients before we ever submit a candidate to them. With this practice, we know exactly what they’re looking for, so we can assure our clients that we’ll find the candidates they truly need. Just like when Santa checks his list twice!

Instead of one day of gifts, JSG spreads joy year-round

Santa is a great guy in all, but he only delivers presents ONE day a year. In contrast, JSG delivers presents 365-days a year. Each day, we have the privilege of changing the lives of candidates in the U.S. and Canada. We get to help hardworking people find the next step in their careers and help them find jobs that fulfill their dreams and put food on their tables.

Our entire staff gets to come to work knowing that they’re directly having a positive impact on the lives and careers of thousands of candidates each year.

Instead of Santa’s little helpers, JSG has a great support team

Speaking of our staff, we may not have elves working at JSG, but we have a fantastic group of employees that make it possible for us to help candidates find their next position (and sometimes even their next home). Our employees don’t make toys at Santa’s workshop, but they play an integral part in helping JSG’s clients find the candidates on their Christmas list.

From our family to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

‘Tis The Season For Giving Back At JSG

Around the holidays, our family here at JSG loves to give back. Many of our offices throughout the United States and Canada partner with local charities to share in the spirit of giving. Here’s a sneak peek into the holiday shenanigans of 2017 from three different locations.

JSG Chicago partners with local school to sponsor Christmas for 3 different children

JSG Chicago

Ken Slater, Kaitlyn Gorman, Frank D’Amico, Frank Pytel, Steve Sorensen, Harry Snyder, Nick Mason, Brent Davi, Nicole Shenberger (Missing from photo: Jim Halvorson, Andrew Lopez, and Katie Kuebler)

As a team, we decided to sponsor kids in need and through Harry Snyder, we were able to connect with Hermes School District #131 to sponsor three kids. We were able to purchase clothes, toys, and other items on their list for the parents to be able to gift the children presents around the holidays

JSG Spokane has in-office gift exchange to benefit Toys For Tots

Spokane Toys For Tots

Youssef Alonzo, Tracey Smith, Mike Muglia, Dallas Williams, & Ken Heller opening gifts for Toys For Tots


Tracey Smith, Dana Belstler, Tracy Isakson, & Shahna Jacks delivering the toys to Toys For Tots

For the second year in a row, our Spokane office hosted a gift exchange for Toys for Tots. Everyone in the office pulls a name out of a hat, and you buy that person a toy you think they would have liked as a kid. We wrap them all up and each person unwraps their gift during our Holiday party, and we try to guess who bought what. Afterwards, we load all the gifts into the car and deliver them to Toys For Tots. It is a ton of fun and so much more satisfying to know that we are giving back at the same time!

JSG Tampa volunteers at local animal shelter and helps paint local elementary school

JSG Tampa Animal Shelter

Mike Measures, Craig Brooks, Dylan Beck, Dave Wilson, & Drew Hegarty deliver treats & goodies to a Tampa animal shelter

.JSG Tampa Animal Shelter

JSG Tampa Elementary School

Mike Measures, Dylan Beck, Drew Hegarty, Dave Wilson, & Craig Brooks help give a local elementary school a facelift

Our JSG Tampa office used our Holiday Party to help a local school paint their teacher’s lounge and give treats and supplies to a local humane society. Being able to take time out of our schedules to give back to the community was a great way to spread holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays From JSG!

From JSG Leadership

JSG Leadership

Ken Slater, Executive Vice President & Jim Filarski, Chief Financial Officer

From the JSG Accounting Department

Front Row: Grace Pender, Brittany Czischki, Kyle Hardin, Andi Mores, Cynthia Razo Second Row: Kim Kennedy, Katherine Netko, Jen Cariola, Amanda Hrdina, Pamela Rose, Jamie Nickos Back Row: Kathy Stevens, Gayle Lansdon, Nicole Banis, Brianna Meier, Kailey Fritz, Debra Silva, Melissa Paz

From the JSG Ann Arbor, Michigan Team

JSG Ann Arbor

Ronan O’Neill & Jessica MacFarlane

From JSG Atlanta

First Picture: Rob Boyle, Michelle McMahan, & Darryl Dixon Second Picture: Front Row (seated): Alexandria Mignone, Kathina Williams, Jacki McMahan, Monique Humphrey Second Row: Frank Cunnane, Amanda Smith, Adrienne Hebb, Annette Rinslo, Michelle McMahan, Tina Brumfield, Christopher Yates, Michelle Figari, Ed Galenza Back Blended Rows: Tim Hurst, Darryl Dixon, Margaret Smith, John Orr, Byron Armstead, James Roberts, Adam Maddox, Raquelle Shanette

From the Birmingham & Mobile, Alabama offices

Sandra Roberts, Donna Kidd, Linda McCarron, Don Franks, Steve Forsyth and Brigette Starr

From the JSG Bedford, TX Team

From the Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Office

Chris Aiello, Khushali Mistry, Mike Adelman, Allen Mudalel, Rich Hanson (photo credit: Serena Cross)

From the JSG Calabasas Team

Ric, Sidney, Deborah, Teresa & Meredith

From our Cameron, Oklahoma office

JSG Cameron

Chris Tankersley

From JSG Chicago

From Our Columbia, South Carolina Office

Pat Layden and Mackenzie Dunham

From The JSG Finance Department

Paula Orsula, Matt Mennozi, Nicole Clark, Libby Cervantes, and Katie Gwin.

From our JSG New Jersey Office

Chris Minutola, Tom Zetusky, Ed Zetusky, John Burke

From JSG Huntsville, Alabama

Maria Mireles-Brown, Dennis White

From the JSG HR Team

Linnea Rummage, Nick Yacobi, Susan Sproule, Sharon Tinker

From JSG Irvine

Dina Romero, Foster Zembraski, Truong Trinh, Bryan Rogers, Diane Lacson

From Our Jacksonville Office

Sitting: Donna Blodgett, Ginger Nilsson, Renee Tuck. Back Row: Jason Kennedy, Jeff Paarlberg, Derek Rix, Zach Williams, Paul Hopkins, Terry Peak

From JSG Knoxville, Tennessee

Pictured Left to Right: Don Franks, Greg Howard, Tina Cannon, Andrea Lyle, Melissa Brown, Linda Fugate, Marla Kilgore, Jeff Rowe, and Steve Weimer.

From the JSG Marketing Team

Luc MacKenzie, Patrice MacMillan, & Matthew Bennett

From the North Charleston, South Carolina JSG team

Front row from left to right: Daniel Scott and Travis Craine Back row from left to right: Lindsay Pate, Danita Green, Kristina Kratsas and Miranda Jones

From the JSG Safety & Risk Management Department

JSG Safety

From the JSG San Jose, California office!

From Left Front: Margo Garcia, Jose Masangcay, Celeste Glascock, Su Voeun, Sarah Alvarez, Liza Ramos, Alex Duenas Back Row: Priscilla Torres, John Garcia, Alice Gill, Joe Arellano, Jay Kerrigan, Janette Miramontes, Brittany Gamboa, Griselda Dominguez, Jim Beckley, Cathy Kennedy, Rich Martinsen

From The JSG Spokane, Washington team

JSG Spokane

Back Row: Jeremy Johnson, James Borders, Tracey Smith, Shahna Jacks, Perry Paden, Tracy Isakson, Ken Heller, Alex Price, Dallas Williams. Front Row: Dana Belstler, Krista Portolesi, Mike Muglia, Youssef Alonzo

From the JSG Team in Stuart, Florida

JSG Stuart FL

Back row left to right: Piyaphat Vongsavanh, Humberto Cruz, Frank Holman, Gabriel Chirinos, Alejandro Rivera 2nd row left to right: Isis Cardona, Fatima Espinoza, Dawn Fossati Front: Rachel DiGiacomo

From the JSG Tampa, Florida Team

Craig Brooks, Dave Wilson, Dylan Beck, Drew Hegarty

From JSG Professional Services, ULC (Canada)

If You Think The Holidays Are Stressful, Try Being A Recruiter!

weeks of planning, an expensive shopping list, trying to please everyone’s varying tastes and trading your leisure time for a week’s worth of cooking to the list. Now, just imagine that this is what recruiters do. Every. Single. Day.

We all know that the Holidays are for gathering together with family and friends to celebrate the past year, exchange gifts, and eat tons and tons of delicious food. Unless, of course, you’re the host. In that case, you can add weeks of planning, an expensive shopping list, trying to please everyone’s varying tastes and trading your leisure time for a week’s worth of cooking to the list. Now, just imagine that this is what recruiters do. Every. Single. Day.


When you decide to host the holidays in your home, you are going to spend a minimum of two weeks planning ahead of time. You have to be cognizant of how to accommodate everyone’s different tastes and needs, you must decide where in the world you’re going to put everyone, and how the heck you’re going to pull off an amazing holiday for everyone.

When recruiters take on a new search assignment, we more or less follow the same exact steps. We take into consideration the hiring manager and team’s preferences, browse through candidate resumes and imagine how they will fit into the role, and try to come up with an interviewing timeline that will work for all parties.


Hosting the holidays requires a significant investment of time, energy, and money. Most often it involves a variety of commitments from cooking, to shopping and wrapping, to providing entertainment.

Our recruiters put the same investment into every project they work on. We customize every search to fit the needs of each specific client, the culture, the community, and of course the desired skill set. Starting from the second an agreement is signed, our recruiters are committed to providing our clients with qualified candidate who will fill every box on their wish list.


The holidays require a lot of patience. With extra family in town, kids hopped up on sugar, and a highly elevated stress level, you need to channel your inner zen to get through it all. The best things you can do? Plan ahead, communicate clearly, and be ready for anything.

Recruiters do these things every day. After we’ve submitted a great candidate, we have to wait hours, or sometimes days, to receive feedback from our clients. This is why we try to establish a clear communication plan ahead of time and why we keep our phones on at night – so we can take care of things at a moment’s notice!


Hosting the holidays isn’t ALL bad! If you’re lucky enough to have kids in your group, then you get to experience the joy of seeing their faces light up with anticipation throughout the week at the thought of Santa shimmying down their chimney.

This is our favorite AND least favorite thing about our jobs! As recruiters, we anxiously wait by the phone while our candidates are in interviews or constantly refresh our email when we’re anticipating an offer to come through. But the satisfaction that comes with finally getting word that your candidate will be hired is the absolute best and why we love what we do!

‘Tis The Season To Find A New Job!

'Tis The Season To Find A New Job!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. There’s Christmas music wafting through the shops, tons of yummy comfort food crossing family tables, and busier schedules than most people can manage. It can be tempting to push your job search off until the new year, but trust us when we say that is a huge mistake! There are so many reasons November and December are actually the perfect time to find a new job, so read on to get a jump start and land that next step in your career.

  1. Companies are hiring.

Many departments have annual budgets that they need to use before the end of the year. That means they may be making a push to hire during November and December. For many companies and industries, this is also a slow time in production, allowing them to focus on the year ahead and growth.

  1. Competition is less intense.

Other job seekers who don’t follow JSG or read our awesome blogs lay off the job search this time. Lucky for you, because in this candidate-driven market, the competition for top positions can be fierce. Keeping up with your search during this busy time will give you a leg up when it comes to landing that dream job.

  1. Who wants to be unhappy during the holidays?

Why are you open to a new position in the first place? For most candidates, it’s because they’re unhappy in their current role. Maybe you’re overloaded with tasks, or you don’t get along with your boss, or you’re not feeling challenged enough. No matter the reason, you know that there are better opportunities out there, so go after them! If you land a new position during the holidays that is more closely aligned with your vision or values, it will be easier to actually relax and enjoy the season.

  1. It can be easier to take time off.

As mentioned before, for many industries, things slow down a bit this time of year. Many companies take a few extra days off to celebrate, and even if yours doesn’t, it’s a great time to use a couple personal days to hit the job search (and the Christmas cookies) extra hard.

  1. It’s the best way to start the new year off on the right foot.

“New year, new me!” Around 40% of Americans make New Years Resolutions, but only 8% of those people follow through on them. So instead of waiting until the new year to do something good for yourself, start now. That way, you can check off three resolutions: find a new job, be more productive, AND be happier all in one fell swoop, all before Christmas!

Breaking News! JSG Awarded a Contract with Santa Claus & North Pole, Inc.

Merry Christmas from JSG!

Johnson Service Group has been recently awarded an exclusive cost-plus-fixed fee contract to supply Santa Claus and North Pole, Inc. with temporary staffing services to include, but not limited to, all Engineering, Aeronautical and Assembly Personnel.  This agreement was awarded to JSG based on multiple determining factors, cost being the least of Santa’s concerns.

JSG was the only bidding company to put together a comprehensive safety program and included a three-pronged approach, design, build and transportation.

In an effort to achieve North Pole, Inc.’s superior design objectives, JSG commissioned, at their sole cost, a new CAD system, T.O.Y.S.  “T.O.Y.S.” is an acronym for Technically Objective Yuletide Support.  This state of the art CAD System allows our Contract Engineering Staff to cut the all important, “Toy Design Time” down by 73.56%.  Allowing the JSG Temporary Staff to eliminate overtime, while getting from design to assembly in the “twitch of a nose.”

To achieve Santa’s Safety Objective in the Build Phase, JSG has agreed to supply all Contractors, as well as Direct Staff at North Pole, Inc. with proper safety training, goggles, hard “elf” hats and, keeping with the holiday spirit, paid hot chocolate and candy cane breaks.

The Transportation Plan was key to JSG’s winning bid.  Johnson Service Group’s Direct Employees agreed to volunteer in helping to equip Santa’s Sleigh with cargo straps, airbags, safety restraints, rear view mirrors and horn.  The Reindeer were provided ear protection to muffle the roar of passing jets, goggles, antler headlights, and safety shoes with non-slip soles for those precarious rooftop landings.

…from the entire Johnson Service Group Staff:
Happy Holidays and have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!