B is for Blogging: How Blogging Will Help You Get Noticed By Recruiters

How blogging will help you get noticed by recruiters

It’s a candidate-driven market. The national unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in 17 years. Employers are filtering through hundreds of candidates. You need to find a way to stand out to hiring managers and recruiters if you even want to be given the opportunity to interview.

But how will you stand out in a sea of qualified candidates? Blogging is a fun and relatively easy way to rise to the top of your fellow job applicants. Here are four benefits of blogging that will help you catch the attention of recruiters.

Increase online visibility

Showing up on LinkedIn is simply not good enough anymore. You know why? It’s finally 2018, and everyone has a LinkedIn page! But do you know what not everyone on the job market is doing? Yup, you guessed it. Blogging.

Writing blog posts is a great way to be found by recruiters on LinkedIn. If you are sharing your blogs on LinkedIn or posting your blog posts natively to your LinkedIn profile, recruiters and hiring managers will notice you.

You can create your own blog using one of many free blogging sites (WordPress, Medium, or Blogger, just to name a few). Or, to make your life easier, you can just post blog posts directly to your LinkedIn page. All you need to do is log in to LinkedIn and press “Write an article.” Choose a header image, a title, and start plugging away. It’s that simple.

When searching for new candidates, recruiters will check out your LinkedIn page. If you have published blog posts on your profile. it will increase your chances of standing out in the crowd of candidates.

Demonstrate your passion and expertise

You don’t have to be an accomplished author to write a blog post. Just start writing about your industry or something you are passionate about. Show recruiters that you are an expert in your industry. Discuss new trends or issues within your industry and propose solutions on how to address them. Or you can even talk about a complex problem that you were faced with in the workplace and how you overcame it.

Blogging will help demonstrate your communication and writing skills to potential employers. Sharing your thoughts with your professional network will get you noticed by recruiters searching for applicants. Recruiters love to see you doing what you do best.

Showcase your unique personality

Writing and publishing blog posts will help you illustrate your personality and your personal brand with potential employers. As we all know, it can be difficult to show your personality on a resume or even a cover letter. However, writing blog posts provides a medium to showcase who you are and how you communicate with others in a professional manner.

When recruiters or HR read through your blog posts, they will be able to get an idea of who you are before they even bring you in for an interview. This is great because potential employers can assess whether you would be a good culture fit for their organization before you even step foot into their building.

Provide talking points in your interview

When you are fortunate enough to land an interview, your blog posts may provide valuable talking points during your interview. You can reference one of your blog posts when answering a question that the hiring manager is asking you. Or you can even discuss an applicable accomplishment that you are proud of.

The interviewers may even bring up your blog in the interview and ask you about it! Blogging will help you not only stand out during the recruiting process but will make you memorable in the eyes of your interviewers during the decision process.

How Blogging Can Land You Your Dream Job

How Blogging Can Land You The Job Of Your Dreams

Today, the internet is the new job search marketplace and anyone even considering a new job is looking to maximize their visibility online. As a result, LinkedIn has become one of the top social media sites and candidates are scrambling to get discovered. However, there is one tool that even the most savvy professionals aren’t utilizing that could be a fast track to getting hired: blogging.

“Why?” You may ask. Well here are our top 10 reasons blogging can help maximize your job searching:

1. It’s easy for employers to find you

Theoretically, that is the whole idea behind LinkedIn. However, with so many people on LinkedIn, narrowing down perspective candidates becomes challenging. It leaves employers searching for unique indicators of a great hire. And, one of the top indicators for many is whether someone has a blog.

2. Free networking

Aside from potential employers, experts or professionals with questions regarding your area of expertise may reach out to you. With Google taking over as the go-to place for Q and A, it is not that strange for professionals to ask bloggers for help. This can lead to an “in” that you may not have contemplated before.

3.  You can market yourself naturally

Consider this, if you were going out to dinner would you chose a restaurant that had advertised itself everywhere or one where the Chef was a known cuisine expert? Publishing a blog demonstrates your knowledge without having to jump through hoops to try to prove yourself to interviewers.

4. It marks you as intelligent, motivated, and always productive

When interviewers ask prospective employees what they do with their free time, in truth they are trying to gauge their level of intelligence and motivation. Probably one of the best answers to have ready is, “I love blogging.” Certainly, this demonstrates that not only are you naturally a hard worker but that you have the foresight to make professional choices that invest in your success.

5. It shows you always have more to offer

At some point during the interview process, your potential employer will compare you to another applicant. As they draw comparisons, blogging will help you stand out. Having the ability to blog is a skill that more and more companies are valuing, and one that they would prefer to have done in-house.

6. It can lengthen your interview

Once a perspective employer knows you have a blog, they will probably read it and it will become an extension of them considering you. With every article they read, they learn more about you, your experiences, and your expertise. This gives you more time in front of the decision maker, in theory extending your interview opportunity.