How to Make A Great Impression on Your First Day

Starting a new job is both exciting and stressful. Change is difficult, and it can make you feel a little uneasy about your first day of a new job. However, it’s essential to set a good first impression with all your new colleagues and come ready to make an impact on the team. Here are three ways you can make a great first impression on your first day of a new job.

Arrive early and come prepared

It’s imperative to show up on your first day prepared. You may be feeling a lot of new job jitters the night before your first day, which is perfectly normal! To combat these nerves, get everything ready the night before to make your morning as smooth as possible. Prepare your outfit, have your lunch prepped, and try to get a good night’s sleep. Being prepared for your first day will help you feel good and eliminate little stressors. But most importantly, arrive early and come ready to learn. Nothing makes a worse impression on your first day, like showing up 10 minutes late or being entirely unprepared to start working.

Keep an open mind and have a good attitude

Starting a new job can cause you to be full of emotions. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an open mind and have a good attitude. Your new employer may not do things as you did at your last job, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong! Having a good attitude will completely change your perspective and make you happier in your new role. After all, the wise Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Ask lots of questions

Don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions. If you’re not sure about something in your new role or who to reach out to for assistance with something, don’t be discouraged from seeking out help. Asking questions will help you clarify any concerns you may have and will ultimately allow you to be more successful in your new role. Even the most experienced professionals should ask questions if you are uncertain about a particular step in a new process or how to handle an unfamiliar situation. Asking for help will look a lot better than you making an assumption that ultimately ends up being incorrect.

You can do it!

Whether you are fresh out of school or a 30-year vet, starting a new job can be overwhelming. But if you want to make a great impression on your first day, follow these three easy steps and you will be sure to impress your new co-workers. Good luck, and make your first day great! If you need more advice to set yourself up for success in your new role, check out our blog.

9 Things You Can Do Differently at Work in 2019


When you think about it, the new year is a great time to make resolutions. You get to start off the year fresh, and it’s a perfect time to take initiative and fall in love with your job again! As the year goes on, New Year’s resolutions fall to the wayside but making positive changes at work can be easy to keep. A great attitude, organization, and holding yourself accountable are just a few of the many things you can do this year that will improve your work!

Here are nine ways to help you achieve more at work in 2019.

Positive Attitude

It’s always easy to say things like, “this year I’m going to be happier.” But there are certain steps we all must take to achieve this, and one of them is staying positive. At work, a positive attitude can change a lot of things for you. It can help you get along with co-workers who can be a struggle. It can help you be someone who tries to make every day count no matter what happens.

And the biggest one is it helps you enjoy what you’re doing more. Attitude is a huge part of feeling like you’ve made a difference and accomplished something. Without it, work, no matter how much you like it, can be something you dread. And in 2019 that’s not what anyone wants!


Keeping yourself more organized with work will help you in more ways than you think. It will help you accomplish projects sooner, be able to take on more responsibilities, and feel less stressed when things get busy. Being able to keep things organized well is a step that will show your appreciation for your job and your willingness to go over and beyond to get things accomplished.


Hold yourself accountable. When you make a mistake, take the blame. When you didn’t finish a project by its deadline, or you know you will need more time, tell someone. Being accountable is a huge step that employers want to see in an employee. No matter good or bad, if you’re accountable for what you have promised to do, you will be very successful.

Take Credit for your Accomplishments

When you achieve something, help the company reach a goal, or win an award, take credit for it. Staying humble is an important part of any job but don’t let your hard work go unnoticed. If you’ve put in tons of time for something, it’s okay to be proud and show it off. If you worked hard and won an award don’t shy away from sharing it with your network. Accomplishments are something everyone strives to have. Granted, you don’t always want to be recognized for the little things. But, instead of shying away from the recognition, take credit for what you’re rightfully deserving of it.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable not only for work but for 2019. We all have things we can work on and that are weaknesses, especially at work. So, taking the time to write down the goals you really want to achieve and how you will accomplish them only helps you be more successful. And by writing them down, you’re more likely to accomplish them.

Help Others

Sometimes going over and beyond your duties can make an impact on not only your company but yourself in general. Helping others at work shows your initiative to want to make the company better as a whole. It demonstrates that you’re a team player who helps your team and company accomplish more. A great leader is one who wants to see their team succeed. So, if you’re wanting a change of pace or to really move up in your company do more than what is expected of you.

Push Yourself and Your Team

No matter if you’re the manager, team lead, or just your average Joe, you have the capability to make a direct impact on your team and your company. By pushing yourself you will help others strive to be better too. The impact you have is greater than you think, especially when it comes to achieving goals and accomplishing them as a team unit.

Step out of your Comfort Zone

It’s easy to stay within your comfort zone at work. You know what you need to accomplish and what keeps you getting a good job from your boss. But by stepping outside your comfort zone you not only set yourself up for success, but you also help push yourself to achieve more and be a better employee. At times, you can feel like your extra and hard work may go unnoticed but by doing this, you’re allowing yourself to reach your full potential. And that will never go unnoticed.

Say Yes More and No Less

When you’re in a position you enjoy and at a company you love, saying yes more and no less will tremendously impact your time there. Not only will it help you move up the ladder quicker, but it will also get you noticed by those who matter. Helping and being present to always do what you need to do even if it’s extra work is rare to find nowadays. So, if you try implementing this technique in 2019, it will surely help you accomplish and receive kudos you never thought you’d receive this year.

Starting off the new year right at work is important. It provides a clean slate for you to make improvements and it gives you the chance to really hold yourself to a higher bar. Because you will only achieve what you set your mind to. We’re wishing you a great year and we hope these tips help you be more successful at work in 2019!