November 2021 New Hires

We are excited to introduce some new team members to the JSG family! Please join us in welcoming our newest employees and take a moment to learn a little bit more about each of them. Here are our new hires for November 2021!

  • Some details about my family: I have 9 siblings – 1 full sibling (sister) and the rest are half-siblings (2 half-brothers and 6 half-sisters). My immediate family is my sister, my dad, and my mother.
  • My career background is public health – particularly interested in disease prevention and health promotion, such as mitigating obesity-related health issues, promoting physical activity, nutrition, and maternal and child health. I graduated from Purdue University with a Master of Public Health in 2021.
  • My hobbies include listening to music from the 60s-90s, hiking, going on adventures, shopping, drawing, painting, and hanging out with friends and family.

Chelsey Lewandowski

  • I am engaged! We have been together for almost 8 years now and have a wedding date of 5/6/22. We have two handsome boys together Calvin (5) and Ashton (3). We also have our fur babies, 2 cats, and a dog.
  • I spend most of my time with my kids. We like to keep them active, so when one sport ends, they are usually starting another. Other than that, I spend as much time with my family and friends as I can. I do enjoy a good book when I get the chance!
  • Fun Fact: I share the same birthday with my dad!

Quiana Goree

  • I have a daughter (Jayda) she’s 12.  She keeps me busy with all her sports. I also have a son (Jalyne) he’s 19 and went away to college on a full sports scholarship for wrestling. I also have a Yorkie who thinks she’s a pit bull. She sits in the window and barks at everyone all day. LOL. I bought her a shirt that says security.
  • In my free time, I like to spend my weekends at my boyfriend’s vacation home when the weather is nice, where I do absolutely nothing. Good times.
  • I have 20+ years of customer service experience, but I am looking to transition into HR. I am currently working on finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human resources management.
  • Fun fact: My daughter and I look so much alike she can open my iPhone with her face

  • I am originally from Tennessee (Go Vols!) My brother is also a recruiter for JSG and recommended that I join the company, so here I am!
  • My career background stems mostly from customer service and management.
  • I have two german shepherds and live with my fiancée. (Wedding in April of 2022) Between wedding planning and the dogs, we stay very busy outside of work.

  • I was born in Western Canada, grew up in Central New York & have been in Birmingham for the past 35 years.
  • I enjoy cooking & at times have helped cook on my friend’s food truck.
  • In my spare time, I volunteer coach for the area youth ice hockey program.

December 2021 Anniversaries

Please join us in celebrating the anniversaries of all our staff members with anniversaries this month! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the years. Congratulations to you all!

December 2021 Anniversaries

13 Years

Candace Pham

8 Years

Cathy Kennedy

5 Years

Celeste Glascock

4 Years

Nicole Clark

3 Years

Austin McKeever

October 2021 New Hires

We are excited to introduce some new team members to the JSG family! Please join us in welcoming our newest employees and take a moment to learn a little bit more about each of them. Here are our new hires for October 2021!

Michael Ruiz

  • I have been recruiting now for the past 4-5 years
  • I graduated with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Cal State Fullerton and was on the CSUF Men’s Rugby team (Go Titans!)
  • I’m a huge 49er and SF Giants fan

Ryan McAdam

  • My wife and I were high school friends who reconnected after my military career. We have 2 boys (Aiden – 6 & Benjamin – 4). We are California natives who decided to relocate to SC for a better shot at a quality style of living.
  • The bulk of my career has been around customer service/account management in the special commodity transportation industry.
  • Outside of work, I enjoy family time, playing disc golf, hiking nature trails, and shooting.

Isaias Garcia

  • I was born and raised in the Back of the Yards, a first-generation college graduate, and I don’t have any kids, but I have 3 brothers and 1 sister!
  • I have spent most of my career as Accounts Payable for various industries
  • I spend the bulk of my time catching up with the latest shows most recently being Squid Game and I do occasionally go apple picking.

Kyle Lebeau

  • I am not married, I have an older and younger brother and am 32 years old.
  • I worked general labor with my fathers’ landscaping company when I was younger. I then moved into the automotive industry where I worked for about six years and have been in recruiting since 2016.
  • I consider myself a regular guy that likes sports, going out for a drink with friends, long walks on the beach, carriage rides, caroling, knitting, playing golf, and watching movies/TV shows.

Will Campbell

  • I played rugby in college
  • I collect rare plants
  • I have visited 46 of the 50 states

Matthew Goldberg

  • My family is from Philadelphia originally. I was born in the city but shortly after I was born, my parents relocated us to the suburbs, specifically Abington, PA. My older brother is currently completing a Ph.D. program at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • I graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in Marketing as well as a general background in sales, but soon after graduation, I decided that sales was not a field I wanted to go into for a career. This is when I began my first Human Resources position as an HR Director/Recruiter, which I immediately loved. From then on, I focused on building a recruitment career and the rest is history.
  • I love music and play various instruments; I would say my most proficient instrument is the guitar. Other than that, I enjoy following Philly Sports (Go Birds) and playing video games.

Breanna Hunsucker

  • My husband and I moved to Los Angeles in 2017 for me to finish up school. I graduated in 2020 from California State University Northridge with my bachelor’s degree in Social Work.
  • In my free time, I enjoy going to concerts, sporting events, and camping with my friends and family.
  • I have been recruiting for a little over a year. I am looking forward to growing my career with JSG and becoming a more proficient recruiter!

September 2021 New Hires

We are excited to introduce some new team members to the JSG family! Please join us in welcoming our newest employees and take a moment to learn a little bit more about each of them.


  • I love my family.  We are close and love to have family gatherings when possible.  Good food and good times.
  • My background is in finance.
  • I love to travel and go to the beach. Water relaxes me.
  • I love lobster and my favorite team for football is the Falcons – basketball – the Lakers or Bucks.

  • I am from Michigan, and I have family in Ann Arbor and Los Angeles!
  • I previously worked in behavioral therapy with special needs children and adults. I LOVED working with adults.
  • I really enjoy pottery and sewing. They are both very therapeutic!

  • I was born in Houston, TX, and raised in Oakland, CA. It will be six years in December that I’ve lived in Atlanta.
  • I have over ten years of customer service background experience, from retail, sales, management, you name it! I just recently got into recruiting five months ago and I really enjoy it.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy boxing, working out, and taking fitness classes.

  • I was originally born in Maryland but have been in GA since about 6 months old. I guess I’m considered a southerner lol.
  • I have 2 amazing children, an 8yr old girl Jaylin and a 6 yr old boy Logan.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy playing Woman’s league kickball and have been doing so for 5 years.

  • I am a recent graduate of Rowan University. Graduated from there with my Bachelor’s Degree in Spring 21’.
  • Prior to my higher education journey, I joined the United States Army where I served and trained as an Intelligence Analyst for approximately 3 years.
  • Some of my favorite hobbies include watching basketball and football (Sixers and Steelers fan), go to the gym to lift weights (never cardio), train jiu-jitsu, and of course what hobby list isn’t complete without video games!
  • I love spending time with my family above all else.

  • I have been in the Staffing Industry for over 14 years and my favorite part of this business is building lasting relationships.
  • I truly feel that this is a way for me to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • I have one beautiful daughter named Venessa and she is the light of my life.
  • I enjoy photography, writing poetry, and road trips to the beautiful Hillcountry of Texas.

  • I like to spend my free time doing outdoor activities. My favorites are running, hiking, swimming, and skiing.
  • I used to be a Raft Guide on The Yellowstone River. It was a fun summer job.
  • I love clothes and like to shop.

Back to School, JSG Style

At JSG, we are no strangers to sharing team pictures or even our remote work setups. This year, we wanted to do something different and share our student’s back-to-school photos! Below is a collection of our eager students, many of which are excited to go back to in-person learning this year. Good luck to you all, and we wish you a fun, healthy, and successful school year!

Back to school photos

Maddy(2nd grade) and Ryan (Kindergarten) are excited for the new school year!

Submission: Lindsay Pate

Jace is a Junir in High School with great grades!

Submission: Marla Kilgore

“I have 3 who started back in early August:  Amaris, 16 (Junior);  Alana (14) Freshman; and Jordan (9). My outgoing eldest daughter is Photo Editor of the Yearbook at Campbell High School. She currently has a 4.031 GPA and is tackling AP classes… My middle daughter attended her first high school football game, she just got braces and aspires to be a dentist… and my son is deciding on a sport to participate in, and is the only one who doesn’t refuse to eat the school lunch! They are off to a great start!!”

Submission: Aretha Allen

Malia will be in high school and Michael is starting the 1st grade.

Submission: Ashley Fein

“Ava in her second year of college at University of Florida (UF), but first year on campus due to Covid. Here’s a picture of her at the UF Football Field referred to as “The Swamp” – with her boyfriend also attending UF.”

Submission: Craig Brooks

“My kids, Jake (sophomore) and Kate (freshman)….  Zeke, our dog, just likes to be in photos.”

Submission: Ken Slater

Emma is in the 2nd grade and Matthew and Maddison are starting Kindergarten.

Submission: Matt Owens

Here are my two kiddos! Phoenix Ayla Nilsson entering 6th grade and Avaleen Laila Nilsson entering 2nd grade.

Submission: Ginger Nilsson

“This is Adalyn (3yo) and Aubrey (1yo). They’re not in school yet but they love pretending to go and waving at the school bus when it drives by!”

Submission: Cynthia Razo

“Luke Kinsey with Sophia. Luke is going into the 6th grade.”

Submission: Sean Kinsey

“My daughter Quinn (grade 5), and my son Declan (grade 2)! Eager and excited to be back in the classroom and becoming their best selves!”

Submission: Taylor Clark

“Dylan is still a little too young for school, but this is our equivalent to a desk and learning time.”

Submission: Jamie Nickos

Aiden is starting Kindergarten this year!

Submission: Terry Peak

“Noodle is 5 months, but has been learning commands and is a very good boy.”

Submission: Alexa Black

Myles is excited to start Pre-K this year!

Submission: Cardin Pierre

Phranq Kimberlingis entering the  6th grade and is 11 years old; Faylee Kimberling is in the 2nd grade and is 7 years old.

Submission: Faron Fry

“Here are my back to school pictures with 7 or my 8 grandchildren. The other is 7 months old so a little too young. The one (right side) is with my middle son Chris, his wife Blake and Christopher and Louie.  The other (left side) is me with my 5 grandchildren from my oldest son Eddie… Peyton, Carter, Will, Nora and Rocco.”

Submission: Ed Zetusky


Here are my grandkids first day of school photos! Dominic is in 6th grade, Makenna is in 3rd grade, Camden is in 6th grade, Caelem is in 4th grade, Caenan is in Pre-K, Scarlett is in the 1st grade, Hannah is in 8th grade, Corbin is in 4th grade, and finally, Hudson is headed to Kindergarten!

Submission: Shahna Jacks

Lance is a Junior in College, Caleb is a Senior in high school, and Drew is in the 6th grade!

Submission: Candace Pham

Isabella Romero is 2 years old!

Submission: Dina Romero

Avery is starting Preschool!

Submission: Shaun Bartley

September 2021 Anniversaries and New Hires

September 2021 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with anniversaries in September 2021. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

16 Years

Darryl Dixon

9 Years

Tina Brumfield

8 Years

Jeff Rowe

7 Years

Jason Landa

6 Years

Priscilla Torres

Sharon Tinker

4 Years

Craig Brooks

Jennifer Cariola

Grace Pender

Katie Bright

Brittany Gamboa

3 Years

Stan Crawford

Chris Brien

2 Years

Laura Rudder

Chris Hendry

1 Year

Michael Burcie

Matt Owens

Welcome To Our Newest Team Members

September 2021 New Hires

Also, we gained some new faces this month. Please join us in welcoming our newest JSG team members!

George Hamel

Taylor Clark

Nicole Wilkowski

Faron Fry

Michelle Baeg

Lauryn Davis

Andrew Ryback

Alison Coats

Jennifer Cumbie

August 2021 Anniversaries & New Hires

August 2021 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with anniversaries in August 2021. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

13 Years

Linda McCarron

11 Years

Fred Williams

Cynthia Razo

8 Years

Carmen Cabrera

7 Years

Greg Thullner

Harry Snyder

Kimberly Getty

5 Years

Ric Flores

Beth Seyler

Nicole Shenberger

Michelle Figari

4 Years

Debra Silva

Terry Peak

2 Years

Liana Hafner

Kevin Browne

Leigh Griffith-Seebach

Tim Simper

1 Year

Alexa Black

Igor Gitman

Richard Hanson

Welcome To Our Newest Team Members


Also, we gained some new faces this month. Please join us in welcoming our newest JSG team members!

Koby Spicer

Kaylee Moore

Michael Garay

Chelsea Florea

Caycee Pope

Lily Bracy

Shaun Coyle

Bertina Cannon

Introducing Lily Bracy, our Newest HR Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Lily Bracy, our new HR Coordinator! Lily joined the HR team earlier this month and is excited to fulfill her passion for people as one of the newest members of the JSG team.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated in December of 2020 from Wheaton College with a B.A. in Psychology. I have worked in Human Resources for a little over a year and absolutely love this field. With my new position as HR Coordinator, I am excited to continue pursuing a career in HR here at JSG.

Why did you decide to go into a career in human resources?

I wanted to use my Psychology degree in a way that allowed me to meet the needs of people in the business world. Human Resources combines my passions of understanding people and finding ways to make their lives better. By taking care of tasks like payroll, benefits, employee verifications, I can help create a better work environment where employees feel like they are being cared for by their company.

What attracted you to Johnson Service Group?

As a recent graduate who was looking for a job, recruiting companies would reach out to me all the time with potential openings. This was my first exposure to staffing & recruiting, and I was really intrigued by this industry. However, when I met the HR team, including Gabriella, Abigail, and Susan, I knew I wanted to join JSG. Their experience in the industry and warmth towards fellow co-workers showed me that JSG was the absolute best choice for me.

What will your responsibilities be as part of the JSG HR team?

As the newest HR Coordinator, I will primarily be working on payroll and verifications of employment.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

Usually, I spend my time outside of work with a good book. I am currently reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and am absolutely loving it. I also grew up playing tennis, so a lot of my weekends are spent out on the court.

July 2021 Anniversaries & New Hires

July 2021 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with July 2021 anniversaries. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

9 Years

Derek Rix

7 Years

Michelle McMahan

6 Years

John Burke

5 Years

Marie Mireles-Brown

4 Years

Thomas Zetusky

Amanda Hrdina

Meredith Jacobson

3 Years

Danielle Harris

Abbey Emrath

2 Years

Lee Gesme

Erica Johnson

Gabriella Hoeflich

Brook Williams

1 Year

Brenda Smith

Kevin Sullivan

Jason Bhula

Tyanne Bashore

Sharda Byrd

Ivonne Care-Garcia

Welcome To Our Newest Team Members

July 2021 New Hires

Also, we gained some new faces this month. Please join us in welcoming our newest JSG team members!

Luke Duncan

Blake Fry

Michael Diaz

James Moore

Marisa Blakenship

Madelyne Valvis

Candice Downs

Karli Foody

Cardin Pierre

Briseida Alfaro

March 2021 JSG Anniversaries

March 2021 JSG Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with anniversaries in March. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

17 Years

Serena Cross

12 Years

Tracey Hill

John Garcia

Michael Geil

6 Years

Nicole Banis

4 Years

Alex Price

Brianna Meier

Donna Blodgett

3 Years

Ashley Kendrick

Nick Calgaro

2 years

Andy Tran

Paul Duke Jr.

1 Year

Kevin Hudson

Welcome To Our Newest Team Member

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Miles Fletcher! Miles is working out of the Magnolia, TX office. Welcome to the team, Miles!