Construction Management Staffing

JSG offers our customers a wide range of services to assist our clients with their engineering, design, procurement, and construction management projects.

Our highly skilled, multi-disciplined teams are experienced in working on domestic Energy Industry projects for many of the most recognized Owner Operator companies, EPC’s, Construction Contractors, and Consultancies.


Professionals in the construction industry

Over the last decade, the Construction industry has been steadily growing. In fact, the construction industry currently employs over 7.2 million professionals, the highest level since the 2018 Great Recession. At the same time, unemployment in the construction industry dropped to an 18-year low in 2018, according to Deloitte. As the labor market continues to get tighter, it will become more challenging for employers to find qualified workers to fulfill their projects. To stress the tightness of today’s market in the construction industry even further, job openings have doubled since 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the percentage of new hires over the same period has only increased by 14 percent.

With 215,000 jobs created over the last 12 months, it doesn’t appear that the construction industry will be slowing down. Therefore, if you need help sourcing skilled engineers, project managers, or even laborers, reach out to our Construction Management Recruiting team here at JSG. We will help your organization find the talent your team needs to succeed in this tight labor market.