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Danielle Liebold's Employee Highlight for the month of June

June Employee Highlight: Danielle Liebold & P.E.O.P.L.E.

Each month, we like to highlight one of our employees that is going above and beyond. Over the past several months, we highlighted employees that reflected our company values. This month, we asked who best exemplified ALL of our values. Who embodied partnership, entrepreneurship, ownership, perseverance, leadership, and employee safety? With three different nominations, Danielle Liebold, Business Development Manager, was selected for the June Employee Highlight!

·         Danielle exemplifies PEOPLE by having a partnership with the Recruiting team and working with the team to present the best candidates. She is consistently getting the JSG name out to the market and takes ownership of her accounts. Danielle has shown leadership with Business Development Managers in our implementing strategy sessions and coaching to the others.

·         Danielle is a PEOPLE person at heart, both personally and professionally. She is kind, caring, motivated and self-driven and wants the best for her clients and our employees. She is a very fair and positive person who believes in herself and the PEOPLE she works with. She offers a lot of great ideas, great energy and motivates others to see the best in themselves with her “you can do it” attitude. She has a wealth of experience in staffing and she is always ready to lend her support to anyone in need.

·         Danielle was assigned to be my “buddy” when I was hired at Johnson Service Group. From our initial conversation, I knew she would be an amazing partner. She displays selflessness in her approach when dealing with colleagues. She has included me and others on the team in all important business decisions. She has spearheaded several calls to improve our communication with the Sales and Recruiting team. When I think of the qualities of a great salesperson and great person to surround yourself with, I think of Danielle. She is passionate, charismatic, empathetic, motivated, etc. I could name 10 more. I think what I have valued the most from Danielle is her ability to listen and problem solve. She carries herself with confidence yet makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room.

While an asset to her team professionally, she also has a rich personal life. Danielle loves the beach! She loves to be with her family and friends, and she loves to paint. She also recently overcame her fear of heights and went skydiving!

In recognizing Danielle Liebold as our Employee Highlight this month, we celebrate her embodiment of our core values and exceptional contributions. Danielle’s commitment to P.E.O.P.L.E. sets a high standard for us all. Beyond her professional achievements, her kindness, motivation, and supportive nature inspire her colleagues. Congratulations, Danielle, on this well-deserved recognition. Your dedication and positive impact are truly appreciated.

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