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3 Easy Ways to be More Intentional During the Interview Process

Standing out among other candidates can be as simple as emphasizing three things. By doing so, you can show your interest in the company and your appreciation for their time. It is a way to commit to the interview process and put your best foot forward.

Research the Company.

Do your research! There is no need to know specific numbers and percentages about the company, but it is helpful to know what the company’s basic function is, as well as its mission and values. Not only does this show that you are interested in the company, but it gives you a general idea of why the company runs the way they do and what its values are to see if YOU want to work for THEM!

Ask Questions.

Have a few questions ready to ask during the interview. Having no questions to ask at the end of the interview can be perceived as a lack of interest in the position. Don’t ask boring surface questions; interviewers will be able to see right through them. Ask questions whose answers will help you decide whether you want to accept the position. These could be about company culture, compensation, responsibilities, etc. Not only will you have an inside look into the company, but this shows that you are thinking critically about the role. You are evaluating them, and this shows them that you could be an asset to the company.

Follow up.

Show you care. If you are interested in the position, send a thank you email, and let them know that you are looking forward to hearing from them. If you have yet to hear from them at the beginning of the time frame they suggested, you can send a follow-up email asking for an update and if they need anything else from you. It is important to read the situation and see if a follow-up email is warranted. While it is good to stay in touch, you do not want to hound them. Keep it friendly, not stalker-y.

Showing your interest goes a long way. Are you looking for a new position? Check out our open jobs here!


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