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Are You Being Offered Fair Compensation?

When going into a job interview, it can be challenging to estimate how much is a fair wage for the position, based on your experience and credentials, among other factors. Before accepting a position, it is crucial that you fully understand how you are being compensated and if it compares to other opportunities around you.

Check Glassdoor or similar websites.

Websites like this can give you a good insight into what someone with your experience may be making in your geographical area. Because salaries are very dependent upon the cost of living, minimum wage, etc. in your area, it is important that you compare your salary with the right population. Glassdoor allows you to search for wages based on a multitude of factors. Make sure to search not only based on the job title but also on the responsibilities of your position. A company may call a position with director-level responsibilities a “specialist.” When in doubt, base the compensation off of responsibilities, not a job title.

Speak with other professionals in your area.

It can be helpful to talk with others in your profession about their own compensation or the compensation of others in their company at your level. Speaking with other real people about their experiences in the field can set reasonable expectations for your own compensation.

Consider benefits and perks.

Benefits and perks (or lack thereof) can contribute to what your final salary would end up being. When comparing what other companies in your area are paying employees, make sure to take their benefits into account. The preference for more benefits vs. more salary is more of a personal choice if they are equal in value. Make sure that you are being compensated comparably to others in your position.

Use the resources around you to set reasonable expectations to make the best decisions when it comes to accepting compensation. Set yourself up for success—fairly compensated success!

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