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Skilled Trades: 3 Unconventional Places to Look for Your Next Hire

Finding experienced candidates to fill positions for skilled trades can be difficult. While it often seems like a no-brainer to go back to your common recruiting avenues like job board websites, LinkedIn, or networking events, there are a few positions that you might have better luck filling by looking elsewhere. “But where?” you may ask. Never fear; the answers are below.


You may be thinking, “Isn’t Craigslist just an old-fashioned version of Facebook Marketplace?” In some respects, yes. However, Craigslist has been a place where people have gone to look for open positions for a while! If you are looking for people to fill Senior-level positions in skilled trades, this could be an amazing place for you to look! If someone has been in the industry for years, this may have been where they found some of their jobs in the past. People tend to return to the habits that have brought them success in the past. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch their eye on their tried-and-true platform!

Reddit or Quora

Reddit and Quora are online communities where people ask questions and help each other out with advice and information. There are plenty of threads on both sites that are industry an trade-specific. You may have some luck posting links to your open jobs on these boards or even starting your own thread for people who are looking for jobs in your industry. You would be surprised who you might come across!

Newspaper Ads

I know. You may be thinking, “Ugh, looking through the newspaper for job ads reminds me of my dad!” Guess who probably has a lot of experience in their field? YOUR DAD. Like Craigslist, the newspaper might be a tried-and-true method of job-searching for some, especially in skilled trades. If you feel like you aren’t attracting candidates with the right experience level, try putting an ad in the paper!

While some of these methods of candidate searching may seem unconventional, they may just lead you to your next great hire.


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