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High Paying Jobs for Veterans That Do Not Require Degrees

After serving for a long time in the military, it can be difficult to transition from the fast-paced military to the civilian lifestyle. The ethics, dedication, and discipline that Veterans possess are prized by many employers. Here are a few high paying jobs for Veterans to pursue:


If you worked in any sort of mechanical maintenance in the military, this may be a good transition for you. As you know, mechanic work is very hands-on. If one performed a lot of tactile/mechanical work in the military, becoming a civilian mechanic may be a smooth transition.


Veterans can be highly sought after for security positions. Because of their extensive training in spatial awareness and safety, Veterans make great security personnel. Those hiring for security positions will appreciate attention to detail, hyper-awareness, and strict adherence to policies.


Transportation, specifically trucking, is a great career for Veterans! Those who were honorably discharged can earn $75,000 a year immediately, even with no prior experience. According to Military.com, The American Trucking Association has made a commitment to bringing on 100,000 veterans. Many companies have programs that assist Veterans in their training and offer preference to them in the hiring process. The job is steady and pay/benefits have been on a steady increase, according to the ATA.

Information Technology

IT is a great field to pursue for those Veterans who have great computer/programming skills, refined by the military. Their problem-solving skills, refined by the military, are a great addition to any IT team. Tech teams value their forward-thinking and great attention to detail.

Thank you to all who have served

JSG appreciates all Veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country and our freedom. We would like to say thank you to everyone that has served. You have given the ultimate sacrifice and that is something we are continually grateful for.

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