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Expanding Your Reach

Expanding Your Reach

As a company, you may be struggling to draw in the right kind of candidates to work for you. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the days of candidates finding jobs in the Classified section of the newspaper are pretty much gone. Never fear: there are a few simple (and updated) ways for you to get noticed. Read on!

Online Presence

Many job seekers begin their search online—it is essential that your company has a significant online presence. Use professional sites like LinkedIn and Handshake to get your name out there! Don’t overlook more casual social media spaces, either. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more can all be used to drive people toward your company. Using social media regularly and staying up to date on trends implies that your company is keen on what is currently happening on the web and in the online hiring sphere.

Web Advertisements

In addition to your online presence, it is key to run targeted advertisements. Using different online platforms, you can run ads in specific areas that you are trying to reach! You can run ads or get your jobs boosted on job search websites. You can also use social media platforms for advertising your company or specific jobs you are looking to fill.

Job Fairs

Though many people do start their search online, a little face-to-face interaction goes a long way. Search for job fairs in the area where you are looking to pull candidates! This may be a specific college campus or in certain states and towns. Make your space at a job fair approachable and representative of your company. Appeal to the kind of person you are trying to hire! Send employees that best reflect your company culture and will draw good people to your job fair booth.

Expanding your reach is about putting yourself out there on all platforms possible. Get your name out there, represent yourself well, and get noticed!

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