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Construction Management

What is Construction Management?

Some of the many roles we hire for at JSG fall under Construction Management. These roles work closely with engineers, architects, property owners, and contractors. With plenty of room for growth, Construction Management is ranked #1 in Best Construction Jobs by U.S. News and World Report.

Primary Responsibilities: Planning and Overseeing

The Construction Manager sees a project through from the planning phase to the close-out. According to procore.com, the four main sectors of a project are planning, preconstruction, construction, and close-out. During the planning phase, the construction manager works alongside others to establish goals, determine needs, set a schedule, and agree on a budget. Preconstruction involves laying out basic plans to obtain building permits and hiring contractors for different parts of the job. Moving into the construction phase, the building/breaking ground begins, and the Construction Manager monitors EVERYTHING—quality control, safety, budget, schedule/timeliness, and insurance. The Construction Manager also continues to submit permits and monitor them when necessary. Lastly, during close-out, everything is passed over to the property owner. They are given the keys, the manuals/warranties, and all project information. At this point, as the Construction Manager, your work here is done!

Challenges of the Job

As a high-stakes job, Construction Management keeps you on your toes. With any construction project comes unexpected changes and bumps in the road. You never know what exactly you will find when you break ground. If you like to problem solve on the fly, Construction Management may be for you! You must be meticulous about safety, as construction involves quite a bit of safety risk management. Construction timelines often get extended, and budgets are often surpassed. The Construction Manager must be flexible and able to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes and bumps in the road (both literally and figuratively).

Construction Management can be a fascinating career. Responsible to the property owner, they are in charge of getting the job DONE. If you like the sound of an exciting job with some twists and turns and a rewarding end product, Construction Management may be the job for you!

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