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Benefits of Working with a Recruiting Firm

You are looking for a job, and a recruiter reaches out to you, asking to speak more about your resume. As a job seeker, you may be wondering why it may be helpful to work with a recruiter to land your next position. Recruiting companies, like Johnson Service Group, can be great to work with for many reasons, a few of which are mentioned below!


Recruiting firms have direct access to MANY different job openings. They likely have information on positions that are not publicly posted. If they have confidence in your resume and skills, they can submit you to multiple jobs. This can drastically increase the likelihood of you landing a position. If one client company does not move forward with you, you can have other options to try out as well!


In many instances, recruiters can advocate for you as a job candidate. Recruiters are on your side! They want you to land the positions they submit you for. After interviewing you, recruiters will point out your best qualities and relevant experience to the client they are trying to get you hired for. Because a recruiter is experienced in the hiring world, the client looking to fill a position is more likely to put more weight on the words of a recruiter than a random application sent in.


Recruiters at recruiting firms often keep lists of people/resumes that seem promising. When they have worked with you before, you have most likely been filed onto one of these lists! If your contract with the company they placed you with is running out, the recruiter may have another placement that they would like to submit you for. If you were a good worker, your recruiter will want to work with you again!

Try out working with a recruiter! You can check out the listings of open jobs JSG has on our website at careers.jsginc.com, and maybe you will end up working with one of our wonderful recruiters.

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