5 Industries to Break Into

5 Industries to Break Into

Are you looking to change career paths? Break into one that is currently thriving and looking for more workers! Read below for the top five industries to get a great job this year.


Tech is growing rapidly. From coding to IT, tech is thriving. With more people working remotely or hybrid than ever, companies’ technology needs to advance and function properly. Companies are in great need of tech professionals to keep their offices running smoothly.


With companies searching hard for workers, staffing and recruiting firms are being put to use with increasing frequency. A recruiter can help a company seek out the candidates that are the best fit for the job. They are in demand, and this position can often be entry-level–great if you have not worked in this environment before.


Like tech, media is growing rapidly with the significant shift to work and community being online. Many forms of media communication are growing. From blog writers to film editors, employees are needed in these roles to get the job done.


The healthcare industry is currently looking to fill a lot of positions. The impacts of the pandemic have opened up many roles for jobseekers to fill. The healthcare industry is hiring anyone from hands-on medical care workers to biotech to medical data management.

Office Management/Administration

Working in an administrative role can help you break into any field. They are typically entry-level roles, and can give you exposure to an industry you are interested in before you may commit to more training or schooling.

The job market is your oyster right now! If you are looking for a switch, rumor has it that these industries are some you should be looking into. Check out this article about good timing and see the sources listed below for more industries and information about growing in them.