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Welcoming New Hires

Welcoming New Hires

Employees need to feel welcome to settle into your company properly and ultimately want to stick around! Helping an employee settle in quickly can increase their productivity, as they become more confident in their role the more comfortable they get.

Ensure that they feel prepared

Make sure that your employees know what to expect and how to prepare for their first day of work. Before their first day of work, tell them what time they need to arrive and what they may need to bring for their first day. Provide them with the company dress code and give them clear instructions on how to get into the building. Provide them with the name/information of who will meet up with them and welcome them in when they arrive. Doing so makes the new employee feel comfortable and confident for their first day at your company.

Introduce them to their coworkers

An employee’s first day is about orienting themselves to how your company runs. Make things a little easier by creating space for them to interact with their new coworkers. If possible for your company, have a couple of people take them out to lunch during their first week. Coworkers can show them the restaurants around the area in addition to getting to know them. Taking the time to do this for an employee makes them feel like they are valuable and welcome to the company and expresses your excitement to have them there!

Provide them with company S.W.A.G.

Everyone appreciates a little “welcome!” gift. Providing your new employee with a few branded items can help integrate them quickly into the company. A company mug, shirt, or even pens can make them feel like a part of the team. Check out this article on why giving company swag to your employees boosts morale.   

New employees are naturally outsiders when they are first hired at a company. Bring them in quickly and make them feel like they are one of the crew, as they should be!

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