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How To Handle Rejection

How To Handle Rejection Like A Champ

Being told “no” can be quite discouraging, especially if you feel like you are in a slump where that is all you hear. Never fear—there is a way to turn rejection into a growth experience, ultimately making you an even better candidate and employee.

Respond with grace

The best way to respond to rejection is with kindness. It can be easy to react with hostility when your pride is hurt, or you are disappointed. Try to absorb these negative feelings and wait until after the conversation to process them. Thank them for their time, consideration, and opportunity you were given. You never know what that connection, though initially resulting in rejection, could lead you to!

Inquire why

When phrased correctly, it is absolutely okay to ask why they did not choose you. Though it may be hard to hear, knowing what made them pass on you as a candidate can be beneficial. This could be something simple that you could easily change, making you more attractive to other possible employers.

Ask how you can improve

Asking what could make you better shows great initiative to the employer that rejected you. This is valuable information to have! Take their suggestions and move forward in your job search with them. Just because they did not want you for one job doesn’t mean you won’t be considered for other potential positions in the future! Show you are willing to work on your skills, both for yourself and other opportunities. This may help you narrow your search to things you are more qualified for or help direct you to what steps you could take next in training or education to et the jobs you want!

Rejection hurts. Especially when you are already feeling burnt out from the job search. Use each “no” as a learning experience and take it in stride! Most importantly, don’t take rejection personally. Unless they told you that you weren’t hired because you are a jerk, then maybe it is time for some self-reflection. 

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