Why You Should Stay In Touch With Your Recruiter

Why You Should Stay In Touch With Your Recruiter

If you have partnered with a recruiter to find a position along your career trajectory, you may think that’s the end of the road. Once you’re settled into your new position, it’s easy to get comfortable and discontinue your relationship with a recruiter. However, there are a few reasons you should reconsider. Here’s why you should stay in touch with a recruiter after they’ve found you a job.

They have a relationship with your employer

While in the midst of connecting you with your current company, your recruiter was establishing a strong connection with them. In the first couple of months of your new role, your recruiter may call and check in every once in a while. Not only should you answer their call, but also be honest about how you’re feeling! They can help you iron out any issues or assist with the lines of communication. Additionally, they love to celebrate your wins! There’s nothing more rewarding for a recruiter than hearing how much you love your new position.

Keep a pulse on the market

Recruiters have a strong pulse on the job market. And because they helped connect you to your current role, they’ll know whether you’re being fairly compensated compared to the competition. Even if you’re happy at your new company, your recruiter can let you know of openings that are too good to pass up!

Refer your network

Last but not least, staying connected with your recruiter is a great way to refer your network. Maybe one of your friends, family, or professional contacts is looking for a new job, or your recruiter posts an opening that would be perfect for someone you know. Staying in touch is the best way to connect your network to the jobs they need.

One of our recruiters, Taylor Clark, said it best, “The recruiter you worked with was not a lone soldier – they were a part of an entire team working toward your success and that of the business you now support. Staying on the up-and-up with the business that vouched for you is a professional relationship that will be useful to you for the rest of your life – inside and outside of your career.”