How To Hire Over Video

How To Hire Over Video

In today’s competitive market, you don’t have time to hesitate when it comes to hiring. Long gone are the day of multiple rounds of in-person interviews. To remain competitive while securing your next team member, here’s how to hire over video.

Ask the right questions

When you think about it, hiring over video isn’t so different from hiring in person. You have the opportunity to get the exact same information; it’s all about asking the right questions! Video interviews can stunt back and forth conversation, so you have to make sure to continue pushing the conversation. Ask various behavioral questions that allow you to envision the candidate on your team. Practice active listening so you can ask follow-up questions and fuel that conversational vibe.

Get personal

On that note, it’s important to get to know your candidate beyond their resume. Who are they as a person? What makes them happy? What do they like to do for fun? Don’t get so caught up in checking off boxes that you forget the human element. Of course, make sure to stay compliant with local and federal laws and guidelines when it comes to interview questions!

Make your best offer

When you hire over video, it’s an expedited process. As a result, your offer should be the best you have right off the bat. Explain every facet of the compensation package – from salary and bonuses to healthcare and retirement. Leave the lines of communication open and allow your candidate to reach out with any questions.

Give a timeline

While it’s not expected that someone accepts an offer right on the spot during a video interview, you should put a timeline on their decision. Let them know when you need an answer, and then share your expectations for the remainder of the hiring process and onboarding. When is your desired start date? What will the onboarding process look like? Will it be virtual or in-person?

Having the ability to hire over video opens the professional world to endless possibilities. However, it also creates unique challenges. There is no reason to be intimidating by hiring an employee virtually as long as you are prepared! Looking for more hiring tips and advice? Explore our client resources here.