November 2021 New Hires

November 2021 Anniversaries

Please join us in celebrating the anniversaries of all our staff members with anniversaries this month! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the years. Congratulations to you all! A big shout out to Frank D’Amico for 34 years of service!

November 2021 Anniversaries

34 Years

Frank D’Amico

11 Years

Jeff Parrlberg

8 Years

Dina Romero

7 Years

Jason Kennedy

6 Years

Shahna Jacks

5 Years

Kailey Fritz

4 Years

Michael McGough

Matthew Bennett

3 Years

Justin Taylor

Steve Harwan

Uma Suthan

2 Years

Veronica Jaureguy

Samuel Coleman III

1 Year

Andrea Bonadeo