back to school, JSG style

Back to School, JSG Style

At JSG, we are no strangers to sharing team pictures or even our remote work setups. This year, we wanted to do something different and share our student’s back-to-school photos! Below is a collection of our eager students, many of which are excited to go back to in-person learning this year. Good luck to you all, and we wish you a fun, healthy, and successful school year!

Back to school photos

Maddy(2nd grade) and Ryan (Kindergarten) are excited for the new school year!

Submission: Lindsay Pate

Jace is a Junir in High School with great grades!

Submission: Marla Kilgore

“I have 3 who started back in early August:  Amaris, 16 (Junior);  Alana (14) Freshman; and Jordan (9). My outgoing eldest daughter is Photo Editor of the Yearbook at Campbell High School. She currently has a 4.031 GPA and is tackling AP classes… My middle daughter attended her first high school football game, she just got braces and aspires to be a dentist… and my son is deciding on a sport to participate in, and is the only one who doesn’t refuse to eat the school lunch! They are off to a great start!!”

Submission: Aretha Allen

Malia will be in high school and Michael is starting the 1st grade.

Submission: Ashley Fein

“Ava in her second year of college at University of Florida (UF), but first year on campus due to Covid. Here’s a picture of her at the UF Football Field referred to as “The Swamp” – with her boyfriend also attending UF.”

Submission: Craig Brooks

“My kids, Jake (sophomore) and Kate (freshman)….  Zeke, our dog, just likes to be in photos.”

Submission: Ken Slater

Emma is in the 2nd grade and Matthew and Maddison are starting Kindergarten.

Submission: Matt Owens

Here are my two kiddos! Phoenix Ayla Nilsson entering 6th grade and Avaleen Laila Nilsson entering 2nd grade.

Submission: Ginger Nilsson

“This is Adalyn (3yo) and Aubrey (1yo). They’re not in school yet but they love pretending to go and waving at the school bus when it drives by!”

Submission: Cynthia Razo

“Luke Kinsey with Sophia. Luke is going into the 6th grade.”

Submission: Sean Kinsey

“My daughter Quinn (grade 5), and my son Declan (grade 2)! Eager and excited to be back in the classroom and becoming their best selves!”

Submission: Taylor Clark

“Dylan is still a little too young for school, but this is our equivalent to a desk and learning time.”

Submission: Jamie Nickos

Aiden is starting Kindergarten this year!

Submission: Terry Peak

“Noodle is 5 months, but has been learning commands and is a very good boy.”

Submission: Alexa Black

Myles is excited to start Pre-K this year!

Submission: Cardin Pierre

Phranq Kimberlingis entering the  6th grade and is 11 years old; Faylee Kimberling is in the 2nd grade and is 7 years old.

Submission: Faron Fry

“Here are my back to school pictures with 7 or my 8 grandchildren. The other is 7 months old so a little too young. The one (right side) is with my middle son Chris, his wife Blake and Christopher and Louie.  The other (left side) is me with my 5 grandchildren from my oldest son Eddie… Peyton, Carter, Will, Nora and Rocco.”

Submission: Ed Zetusky


Here are my grandkids first day of school photos! Dominic is in 6th grade, Makenna is in 3rd grade, Camden is in 6th grade, Caelem is in 4th grade, Caenan is in Pre-K, Scarlett is in the 1st grade, Hannah is in 8th grade, Corbin is in 4th grade, and finally, Hudson is headed to Kindergarten!

Submission: Shahna Jacks

Lance is a Junior in College, Caleb is a Senior in high school, and Drew is in the 6th grade!

Submission: Candace Pham

Isabella Romero is 2 years old!

Submission: Dina Romero

Avery is starting Preschool!

Submission: Shaun Bartley