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4 Basic Job Search Mistakes To Fix Immediately

4 Basic Job Search Mistakes To Fix Immediately

Searching for a new job can be overwhelming, especially if you have been on the hunt for a while. If you are one of the millions of people gaining confidence in your career prospects and you’re ready to make a move, it’s time to brush off those cobwebs. Here are four job search mistakes you must fix immediately to secure your next job opportunity.

Your LinkedIn profile is MIA

Did you know that 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary recruiting tool? With over 6 million jobs currently available in the United States, and over 180 million users, LinkedIn has a plethora to offer. Even if you are not a “social media person,” LinkedIn is a must-have job searching tool! You can create job search alerts, connect with hiring managers, and filter job search results to find the exact opportunity you are looking for.

If you are not on LinkedIn, how do you expect hiring managers to find you? Sometimes the best opportunities are the ones you don’t even have to look for.

Furthermore, you must update and optimize your LinkedIn to make the most of this powerful tool. Update all your work experience, add your skills and certifications, and craft an eye-catching summary. If you want to attract hiring managers, you must get your LinkedIn up to date before starting your search.

Your resume and application materials are stale

Secondly, if you’re applying for jobs with stale application materials, you’re guilty of one of the biggest job search mistakes. Spend some time tailoring your resumetweaking your cover letter, and refreshing your references. Even if you are working in the same position since you last updated your materials, it’s essential to include your most relevant and newest qualifications. So, take an evening to add your quarantine skills, latest accomplishments, or projects, and ensure your references are accurate and ready to vouch for your candidacy.

You aren’t showing off your personality

Your experiences and your qualifications are vital when searching for a new job. However, if you fail to inject your personality into your candidacy and application materials, you likely won’t get far in the hiring process. Hiring managers are looking for more than just your skills; most hiring professionals want to see a glimpse of your personality. Of course, you have an opportunity to do that during an interview. But if you can give hiring managers an idea of who you are outside of work before your interview, it may help you get over the hump. You can easily do this by sharing your hobbies on your resume or having a little fun with your LinkedIn profile.

Thank you notes are lackluster (or non-existence)

Are you one of the 13% of job seekers that never send thank-you notes after your interviews? If so, this is one of the biggest job search mistakes you can make. Sending a brief thank-you note is an effective way to showcase your gratitude, reiterate how excited you are about the position, and remind the interviewers how well you align with the role. If you do send thank-you notes, make sure you are making the most out of them to really leave a strong impression.

Here are some thank-you note best practices to help you seal the deal after your next job interview.

Looking to avoid more job search mistakes?

So, if you are ready to make a career move, avoid these four job search mistakes. If you are interested in reviewing more advice to take your search to the next level, take a look at our blog! We have tons of helpful job search, interviewing, and resume advice to help you stand out from the competition. Or, if you are ready to get started, review our jobs here! We have hundreds of exciting opportunities across North America.

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