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How Your LinkedIn Summary Can Snag You a Job

How Your LinkedIn Summary Can Snag You a Job

When looking for a new job, one of your priorities is getting your application materials up to par. You probably focus on your resume and cover letter, but have you considered your LinkedIn profile? A recent study revealed that 122 million people had received an interview through LinkedIn, and over 35.5 million have been hired by someone they connected with on the site. So, it’s imperative that you don’t overlook this job search tool! But where do you start? Well, your LinkedIn summary is right at the top of your profile; it’s an open text opportunity for you to give a potential hiring manager a little sneak peek into you as a candidate. Follow these steps to utilizing your LinkedIn summary to snag your next job.

Keywords Help You Show Up in Searches 

Your LinkedIn summary is a great place to give an overview of your essential experiences. If written correctly, this will trigger your profile to appear in all the right searches! So, be sure to include the highlights of your qualifications and the job title you are aiming for in your next role.

For example, if you are a Project Engineer looking for a new role in the same profession, you want to include this title in your summary.

It’s An Opportunity to Address Any Resume Gaps/Misconceptions 

When a hiring manager reviews your resume or LinkedIn profile to examine your work history, it doesn’t always tell the whole story. Utilize the space in your LinkedIn Summary to fill in those gaps. Maybe your last job title didn’t accurately describe your role at the company, or you took some time off to head back to school and expand your skillset. Save more complicated conversations for an interview, but this is an ideal space to expand on your experiences.

Your LinkedIn Summary Is the Perfect Place to Showcase Your Personality 

Last but arguably most importantly, your LinkedIn summary is an incredible spot to showcase your personality. Depending on your role and industry, you can have a little fun with it and appeal directly to prospective employers. So, use this space to give a glimpse into your personality and set yourself apart immediately from your competition. Some ideas you can include are hobbies, why you’re passionate about what you do, or a favorite project you’ve done in your career.

If you still need some inspiration to put together an excellent LinkedIn summary, spend some time exploring the site. Look at industry leaders or mentors and what they include in theirs for guidance! For more LinkedIn advice, explore our blogs here.

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