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3 Skills To Look For In A Remote Employee

3 Skills To Look For In A Remote Employee

Remote hiring is on the rise. In fact, 78% of CEOs agree that remote collaboration is here to stay. Hiring for remote employees can be a little more complicated than in-office. There are skills that you need to look for so that your team can operate successfully. So, if you’re trying to grow your remote team, here are three skills you need to look for in a remote employee.


Arguably the most crucial skill for a remote employee to have is self-motivation. As the employer, you will provide your remote employees with a job description and general task list, but you want someone who will look beyond that. When they have a moment of downtime, your ideal remote employee will ask themselves, “how can I go above and beyond?” They will take every opportunity available to make an impact on the team and company.

Interview question to ask: Ask the candidate how they plan their day and what they do if they hit a lull in their day.

Open Communicator 

Proper communication is essential for a successful remote employee. It would be best to have someone who will come to you with questions, issues, and honest feedback. During the interview, be sure to outline your communication process and expectations. Do you have an open-door policy where they can come to you at any time? Do you prefer daily check-in meetings for a more formal setting? The more information they have, the better they can understand if it is a good fit.  

Interview question to ask: Focus on asking behavioral questions such as “Say you realize that you made a mistake in reporting that caused a chain reaction. What do you do?”

Technologically Advanced 

It is unfortunately not possible for someone who struggles with technology to be a successful remote employee. Now, this isn’t to say that they have to know everything right off the bat! As long as they are eager and willing to learn, the growth potential is there.

Interview question to ask: Be sure to ask specific questions about technologies you specifically use in your department. Ask candidates to describe how they learn about new technology that they’ve never been exposed to before.

Bonus: Dog Person

We like to say you can never go wrong with hiring a dog person. And besides, you may get to see their dog on video calls!

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