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Internship Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Internship Resume Mistakes to Avoid

If you are applying for an internship, you are probably hard at work tweaking your resume and getting your application materials up to snuff. For many students, this is their first opportunity with a job in their future line of work. As a result, most job seekers in this situation are new to the labor force and are relatively inexperienced with assembling a bulletproof resume. Here are internship resume mistakes to avoid to propel you through the interviewing process.

Not adding course work and certifications

One of the biggest internship resume mistakes is students or recent grads failing to add relevant course work and certifications. As a young professional, you likely do not have a ton of related work experience to add to your resume. However, you can supplement your lack of experience with relevant coursework and certifications. Add a section below your education section labeled “Relevant Course Work” and list a handful of relevant classes. You can also do this with any projects or certifications that demonstrate your expertise in your field and show hiring managers you have pertinent experience.

Not showing details relevant to the position

When you are crafting your resume, you must tailor it to each position. In today’s competitive labor market for new grads, you have to customize your resume to fit the role you are applying for. That means you have to tweak your work experience details to match the job. Sorry, no more cookie-cutter resumes! You must tailor each resume with tasks, skill sets, and achievements relevant to the job. Even if it’s just a summer job, do your best to add and rephrase responsibilities to complement the job description. Doing so will show hiring managers your interest in the position and illustrate that your experiences and transferrable skills will make you a strong candidate for the position.

Not knowing what’s on your resume

If you put something on your resume, you have to be able to discuss it in an interview. Whether it’s a certification, a project you worked on, or a current class you are in, if it’s on your resume, you better be able to back it up. If you receive a job interview and a hiring manager asks you about something on your resume and cannot intelligently discuss it, that is a huge red flag. A certification or skillset may look fantastic on your resume, but if you cannot discuss it during an interview, it’s best to remove it. Review your resume before your interview and prepare yourself to answer any questions about items you included in it.

Show your personality on your internship resume

Last but certainly not least, you need to let your personality shine through on your internship resume! Hiring managers are, of course, looking at your skills, experiences, and other accolades. However, many of these basic skills can be taught on the job. After all, your education can only teach you so much. Companies are looking at your personality and how you fit on a team just as much as your qualifications. To showcase your personality, add relevant hobbies to your resume, a resume objective, and other details to give them a better idea of who you are as a person. You can also add links to your online portfolio or LinkedIn profile to allow employers to see a glimpse of your personality.

Still looking for resume advice?

These are a few internship resume mistakes to avoid as you prepare for this exciting step in your career. If you are looking for more resume advice, we have hundreds of resume resources to help propel your job search. Take a peek at these helpful tips and tricks, and good luck!

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