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IT Struggles of A Growing Business

IT Struggles of A Growing Business

Are you one of the many businesses making significant changes or even growing in the post-pandemic era? Being part of a growing business is a rush, and it generates many changes. One of the most vital impacts of a growing business is the IT strategy of the company. Information technology is part of almost every aspect of your company – your marketing services, payroll platforms, your employees’ equipment, and much more. Here are the IT struggles of a growing business and how your team can combat them.

New locations

Have you outgrown your current building or facility and looking for a new home? Or are you adding an entirely new branch to your company? Geographical expansions are an ambitious undertaking for IT teams, both big and small. You must integrate your new locations into your company’s network, establish new technologies, and address each department’s individual IT needs. Consequently, your helpdesk support will be up to their eyeballs in IT tickets.

New products and services

With a growing business comes new technologies. As your business evolves, you will have to adopt new products and services into your IT wheelhouse. This new technology will ultimately help your business run more efficiently, boost productivity, and possibly save money. However, incorporating new IT services is not always a smooth transition. Before everything is up running seamlessly, there will be hiccups your IT team will have to address, as well as substantial learning curves for your employees. The result is a lot of time spent troubleshooting and educating your staff on correctly using this new technology.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be an IT team’s worst nightmare. There is a ton of blending of old and new technologies, and it can be challenging to merge essentially two different company’s technologies under a single corporate network. This phase of growth is probably the single biggest IT struggle of a growing business. Your company will have to diligently work to integrate all IT functions to fit common business objectives. It will take time and patience to synergize all of your IT operations.

Supporting remote work

With remote work becoming commonplace for many companies, your IT team will continuously face unique issues. Each of your employees has different environments and technical literacies, which means new IT issues will surface regularly. Your team will have to offer dependable helpdesk support, new technologies, and top-tier communication services to keep the business running efficiently.

How can you tackle IT struggles of a growing business?

As your business grows, adapts, and changes, so will your IT plan. There are two simple solutions to address these IT struggles: hire more staff to bolster your internal IT activities or outsource your IT solutions. But if you need IT support now, you may not have the time to recruit new IT personnel. To solve this issue, you can partner with an IT recruiting firm, like JSG. We have a team of recruiting professionals to help you source IT experts on either a contract or permanent basis.

However, if you are looking for more of a long-term solution and added flexibility, outsourcing your IT solutions might be an excellent solution. Johnson Service Group’s IT Consulting Services offers customizable solutions for any company’s needs. We work with our clients to build solutions that meet their IT needs and budget to eliminate the IT struggles of growing businesses. If this is something that may work for your organization, give us a call. We would love to discuss how our IT services can support this exciting phase for your company.

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