How To Address Salary Requirements During An Interview

How To Address Salary Requirements During An Interview

One of the most panic-inducing parts of an interview is addressing salary requirements. To best tackle this question, you need to prepare ahead of time! Here are three steps to take in order to share your salary requirements with confidence.

Understand Your Rights

First, it’s essential to understand your rights. There are currently 17 state-wide salary history bans and 17 local bans. These bans prohibit companies from asking, “what is your current salary?” This legislation is changing rapidly throughout the United States, so be sure to check an updated list before you head into your interview!

Do Your Research

The best way to confidently share your salary requirements is to do your research. Head to a site like, or Payscale. Then input your details such as location, experience, and career goals. They will give you a concrete salary range that you can base your expected salary on. Don’t forget to consult your personal budget and make sure to ask for something that will cover your necessary expenses.

Craft A Script

No, you won’t read directly off a script during your interview! However, crafting a script ahead of time will help you organize your thoughts and feel prepared. Here is an example that works whether the interviewer asks about current salary or not!

“My salary expectations for this role are $75,000 and $80,000. That is the average salary engineering professionals with over five years’ experience with AutoCAD and designing commercial plumbing layouts are earning. Plus, I have my Six Sigma Greenbelt certification, which has helped me become more efficient and reduce waste.”

We love this example because it gives a firm range, covers the justification for that range, and details some of the additional benefits you bring to the table.

In the end, you only have to provide an answer to this question that you are comfortable with and confident in. And if you still want to avoid it altogether, partner with a JSG recruiter to find your next job. We handle all of your salary negotiations, ensuring your offer comes in at a fair and desirable rate.

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