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Top 5 Hiring Trends For 2021

Top 5 Hiring Trends for 2021

As we kick off the new year, many hiring managers are planning their hiring strategy for 2021. While this is difficult for many in a standard year, there is more uncertainty than ever now. To help you prepare, we’re sharing the top five hiring trends for 2021.

Safety & wellness

On the tails of the Coronavirus pandemic, safety and wellness will continue to be a top priority for companies worldwide. Hiring managers are having to pivot to remote interviewing, flexible work policies, and extended PTO policies to accommodate the ever-changing modern environment.

Continued growth of diversity & inclusion

2020 reignited concerns about racial and gender inequality throughout the United States. With many companies establishing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) taskforces, appointing DEI executives, and implementing DEI policies, changes will continue into the new year. In order to continue hiring top talent in 2021, you must prioritize diversity. So, examine your hiring strategy and candidates to allow more diverse hires in the future, and commit to supporting and promoting your current BIPOC employees.

Remote work

Even after the pandemic is in our rearview, remote work will remain a constant in the world of hiring trends. So, to stay competitive in the hiring market throughout 2021, consider expanding your remote work policies. Candidates will be looking for remote or flexible opportunities. Additionally, make sure your interviewing process is remote-friendly to make for seamless hiring.

Streamline hiring

Speaking of seamless hiring, is your hiring process as smooth as possible? With an influx of candidates on the market, you’ll be more overwhelmed than ever trying to hire in 2021. Allow for remote interviewing and cut down on the number of necessary interviews. Instead, focus on asking better questions to assess candidates faster!

Greater emphasis on employer brand

With so many companies starting off the year virtual, candidates will be heading to your social media and website to learn more about your brand. They will want to learn about all of the above topics and more, so make sure to expand on your virtual employer brand. Link your careers page to your diversity statement, share stories about your company culture and give a quick preview of the hiring process. The more information a candidate has, the more likely they’ll become passionate about working for your company!

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