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How to Make A Virtual Interview Less Awkward

Let’s cut to the chase – we all know video interviews can be awkward. Completing a face-to-face interview unscathed is nearly impossible, and talking with a total stranger (who could be your future boss) can be intimidating. However, here are a few tips for job seekers to help make a virtual interview less awkward.

Check out the interviewers beforehand

Taking a moment to learn more about your interviewers is something we recommend you do before any interview. Once you know who you will be interviewing with, look them up on LinkedIn or see if they have a bio on the company’s website. Looking them up will help you feel more comfortable when you first meet with them virtually and make your conversation a little smoother. Plus, it can even help you identify some talking points to chat about at the beginning of the interview. Knowing who is interviewing you will help make your virtual interview less tricky and help calm your nerves.

Take time to listen carefully

One of the most uncomfortable parts of a virtual interview is the actual conversation. It can be difficult to read body language and know when someone is finished speaking. To combat this, give yourself a few seconds after you think someone is done talking to ensure they have completed their sentence. It is really awkward when people accidentally start speaking over each other and can make you look rude and impatient. By adding a few seconds before you jump right into a response, you will ensure you are not interrupting anyone.

Mute your mic when you are not speaking

When you are not speaking, mute your microphone. Doing so will help you think before you speak, and thus, prevent you from interrupting your interviewers. It will also avoid any unintentional noises or audio feedback that can distract from your interview’s success. With millions of professionals working from home with their children distance learning, there are always unintended noises that you will want to avoid. Muting your mike will help the entire conversation proceed smoothly and help you nail your virtual interview!

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