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Interview Question: Explain This Gap In Your Employment

Interview Question: Explain This Gap In Your Employment

What They Want To Know

It’s very common for workers to have a gap in employment for one reason or another. Maybe you took some time off to care for family, or travel, or were simply waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Regardless, it’s often one of the first things a hiring manager will notice on your resume. So, you need to have an answer at the ready.

First of all, understand that a gap in your resume is not necessarily a bad thing. The hiring manager simply wants to understand your motivations behind not being in the workforce for a while. There are dozens of acceptable answers, so just go with what remains true to your story. Avoid the obvious negatives like “I just felt like not working and watching Netflix full-time.” Share the truth and then delve into why you want to come back.

Example Answer For “Explain This Gap In Your Employment”

“Due to the Coronavirus, I was laid off from my job at ABC Company. Instead of jumping into any job I could find, I took some time to invest in my personal development. I signed up for online courses in coding to add to my skillset and expand my personal portfolio. I also made significant considerations for what I wanted the next step in my career to look like. When I came across this job, it really fit everything I was looking for.”

Final Comments

What we like most about this answer is that it is straightforward. It explains how the gap in your employment was actually beneficial to your career. Furthermore, it shows how you wanted the next step in your career to be the right one, and hopefully, it’s this one! Whatever your answer is, just remember to be honest when explaining a gap in your employment!

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