4 Virtual Interview Red Flags

4 Virtual Interview Red Flags

If your company is transitioning to more virtual interviews, you are in luck! Virtual interviews are more efficient and economical than traditional in-person meetings. They can transform the time-to-hire from an average of 45 days to 7 days!  

That being said, it can be challenging to determine what makes a good candidate over video or on the phone. Frankly, video calls can be uncomfortable! And we’re all adjusting to the new norm or digitizing our professional world. There are all sorts of obstacles unique to virtual interviews, from speaking over one another to technology malfunctions, and just plain awkwardness. However, these shouldn’t be candidate deal breakers. That’s why we’re sharing some of the most glaring red flags you’ll encounter during a virtual interview. 

Lack of Energy 

Your candidate should be excited to join your team. They should show obvious signs of interest in your company’s work, workplace culture, and how they can contribute! If they are not demonstrating enthusiastic energy during the interview, it’s a pretty good indicator that they are not that excited about the role. Look for someone that you can hear their enthusiasm from the other end of the screen. 

Badmouthing Former Employers 

Speaking poorly of a former employer is simply unprofessional, especially in a job interview. The unprofessionalism that a candidate displays by badmouthing previous employers could easily be transferred to your company or your team. Around 86% of employers agree that speaking ill of a former employer demonstrates the candidate’s lack of maturity and responsibility.  

Distracted Answers  

If you can tell that the interviewee is choosing to be distracted throughout the meeting, you should not hire them. Maybe they are on a walk, have the TV on in the background, or you can hear clicking as they browse the web. These chosen distractions demonstrate that they are either unprepared or uninterested in the job. Keep in mind that certain distractions are unavoidable, especially when interviewing remotely from home. However, it should be easy to tell the difference between someone getting interrupted by their kids or a dog barking in the background and someone who is choosing to be disengaged. 

A List of Demands 

When candidates demand money, hours, or perks during an initial interview, this should be an automatic red flag to your hiring team. Demanding candidates are not the ones you want to hire because this trait does not tend to go away. Other candidates will be more invested in growing their careers at your company than making specific demands. Salary expectations are completely acceptable to discuss during an interview. However, it depends on how this topic is framed in discussion and who leads the conversation. 

There are plenty of red flags that you need to watch out for when conducting virtual interviews, but make sure you do not focus on general awkwardness. If you are looking for the best candidates on the market, partner with an expert JSG recruiter to find the perfect match for your position! Connect with us today.  

If you’re a candidate reading this blog, avoid these red flags and check out our best tips on how to ace your next video interview below!

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