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What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Interview Question: What’s Your Spirit Animal?

What they want to know

Hiring managers are really grabbing onto these off-the-wall, personality-type interview questions. Questions like, “What’s your spirit animal?” are intended to break the ice in a job interview and force interviewees to think on their feet. There is no wrong answer to this question, but your goal here is to share an answer that helps illustrate your personality, strengths as a candidate, and, hopefully, connect with the hiring manager. The critical thing to remember is to answer enthusiastically. Now is your time to let your personality shine a little bit. This is a question that will often be asked at the beginning of your interview, so your answer can really set the stage for the entire interview.

Remember: body language is essential with these interview questions. Throw on a smile, even if you need a few moments to think about an answer. Your body language is just as important with these questions as it exudes your confidence and personality. If you need a second or two formulate your response, don’t be afraid to say something like, “wow, that’s a tricky one. I haven’t been asked this question in years!” And this will buy you a few moments to think of your response without it being awkwardly silent.

Example answering what’s your spirit animal

“Wow, that’s a great question. If I had to pick one animal to be my spirit animal, I would probably pick a duck because I always look calm and cool on the outside, but below the surface, I’m working like crazy to get where I need to go.”

Final comments

Thus, this response is an excellent example of answering, “What’s your spirit animal?” It’s fun, witty, and straight to the point. Moreover, the interviewer gave a reason for their choice, and it does an excellent job demonstrating their work ethic. Overall, this is a fantastic response to this agonizing interview question.

Need help answering more common interview questions?

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Video: What’s your spirit animal?

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