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Midwest Becomes Increasingly Attractive To Job Seekers

The Midwest Becomes Increasingly Attractive To Job Seekers

With millions of Americans rethinking their careers, many are looking to relocate for the right opportunity. Could the Midwest be the next hot spot for jobs? Here are the reasons you may want to consider a move to the Heartland for your next job opportunity.

Wide Open Spaces

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, many professionals are ditching big cities for small-town living. While the hustle and bustle of a “city that never sleeps” was once appealing for many, crowded streets and demanding schedules are less so now. Instead of living on top of one another, people crave those wide-open spaces (thanks to social distancing!). Additionally, more and more companies are open to having employees work remotely, causing people to rethink the necessity of living close to the office.

Job Satisfaction Ratings

Glassdoor’s annual “Best Cities For Jobs” lists incorporated job satisfaction ratings as one of the main components. Midwest cities frequently top lists of job satisfaction for a couple of reasons. Three main contributors to job satisfaction rankings are typically coworkers, supervisors, and commute. The commute is an obvious plus factor for the Midwest. Unlike big coastal hubs like New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, you won’t need outrageous commuting schedules or wacky public transportation routes to get to work. And if you consider the typical lifestyle of the Midwest, it’s often touted as being slower-paced and friendly. These stereotypes likely reinforce good relationships between coworkers and managers.


According to a recent LinkedIn analysis, Midwest cities offer a good combination of affordable rent and generous median salaries, particularly for recent grads.

Midwest Cities For Job Seekers

While traditional big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C. offer high salaries, the cost of living rises significantly along with them. For example, rent in New York City can consume up to 39.6% of new graduates ’ starting salaries. Whereas, in the Midwest city of St. Louis, rent can be a much more affordable 19.7% of gross income.

If you’re interested in relocating to the Midwest, talk to a JSG Recruiter. We have thousands of openings throughout the country with hundreds of different companies. We can help you in finding the next step in your career. Start a conversation today!

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