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How Do You Deal with Stress?

Interview Question: How Do You Deal with Stress?

What they want to know

Every job creates stressful situations. Interviewers often ask, “How do you deal with stress?” to understand if you can keep your cool when things get a little intense. Everybody gets stressed out – it’s a natural feeling that we all feel from time to time, and there are different levels of stress. However, interviewers want to know how you navigate these challenging or intense situations in the workplace.

So, to answer this interview question, briefly describe how you handle stress at work. Everyone handles stress differently, but the key here is to show your interviewers that you have a professional and appropriate way to blow off some steam. If you can provide a brief example in your answer, that’s even better.

Pro tip: do not answer with something like “I don’t really get stressed” or “stress doesn’t bother me.” That’s not true. Every job can be stressful, including the one you are interviewing to get.

Example answering how do you deal with stress

“When I get stressed out at work, I like to get up from my desk and take a brief five- or ten-minute walk. Walking helps me burn off a little steam and allows me to separate myself from the situation for a few minutes. I usually come back from my walk feeling refreshed and ready to continue working! For example, I was building a report to present to our leadership team. I had a tight turnaround time and had a few other projects I had to complete that week. I felt overwhelmed, so I decided to take a brief walk around the building and get some fresh air. After my walk, I came back to my desk recharged, and able to complete the report for my boss.”

Final comments

This answer is an excellent example of expressing how to deal with stress. It’s short and sweet but does an excellent job of illustrating what the interviewee does to overcome stressful situations. This is just one of many different ways you can demonstrate how you handle stressful situations in the workplace. As long as you can show a healthy way to cope with stress and provide an example, you’ll pass the question with flying colors.

Need help answering more common interview questions?

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