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In This Together

In This Together

Ken Slater, Executive Vice President of Johnson Service Group, wanted to take a few moments to share a message of support during these times of unrest throughout the United States.

I am sure all of you are aware of the civil unrest that is currently happening across our country. In combination with the current pandemic, we are witnessing unprecedented times. With all that is happening, it would not be surprising to think that many of you are feeling anxious, distressful, fearful, or outright upset. We fully understand every single one of your sentiments.

At JSG, we recognize the significance of the emotional toll that all of this may be taking on your lives. We continually strive to recognize, honor, and support those who have experienced racial injustice. As we are continuing to reshape the Company for the future, know that JSG embraces equality and diversity in all of its forms; whether that is diversity of thoughts and ideas, diversity of race, gender, gender expression, or any other quality that makes us unique.

We must all continue to strive to be better to ourselves and others. We must not believe that our “new normal” will be filled with anger and hatred. We must move forward in a positive fashion. We at JSG encourage each and every one of you to lend your voices and your efforts in a positive fashion to promote fairness for all.

We thank you all for your continued efforts and wish all of our JSG family health, happiness, safety, and success… now and in the future. #InThisTogether

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