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How To Prove Your Value During Tough Economic Times

How To Prove Your Value During Tough Economic Times

With unemployment claims topping 43+ million in the United States alone, there’s no doubt that we are weathering some challenging economic times. If you are fortunate enough to be still employed, but you’re concerned about job security, this article is for you. Here are four steps you can take now to prove your value and increase your job security starting today.

Demonstrate Flexibility

The number one value-added skill you can have during uncertain times is flexibility. Being adaptable day by day will allow you to fulfill needs wherever and whenever they arise. As a result, long-term projects that you had been planning may need to be put on the back-burner. Weekly meetings may need to be virtual if you’re practicing social distancing. Some business practices may need to be streamlined with a slim workforce. Show that you can go with the flow by being flexible in all areas of your job.

Brainstorm New Ideas

Difficult circumstances are an excellent breeding ground for innovation. Think outside the box and voice your ideas whenever possible. Even if it doesn’t concern your job or even department, everyone appreciates an outsider’s perspective. Collaboration will continue to be how we weather challenging times.

Add Relevant Skills

A foolproof way to ensure job security is by increasing your value as an employee. One great way to do this is by acquiring some new skills in your downtime. Take your lunch hour to listen to industry-related podcasts, or complete an online course on helpful software. Even just do a few extra Google searches to improve your proficiency in the programs you already use!

Go Above And Beyond

Now is not the time for “that’s not in my job description.” (Not that there ever was a good time to say that!) Just like you, your employer and your coworkers are facing new challenges daily. Take this opportunity to step up and help someone who is struggling to complete a project or a task that has gone uncompleted for a while.

While you certainly are a valuable team member all the time, difficult circumstances may require you to shine a little brighter and prove your value to ensure job security. Keep doing everything you’re great at, and be on the lookout for opportunities to excel.

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