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More JSG Adventures In Working From Home

We’re going on month 2 of working from home here at Johnson Service Group, and the one thing I think we can all agree on is that our pets are living their best lives!

To demonstrate that we are stronger together as a JSG family, we have continued to collect the best working from home pictures from our teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. The results? Lots of furry new “coworkers,” and a few creative tactics for finding a quiet spot to make phone calls.

Executive Vice President Ken Slater with his work buddy Zeke.

Chief Financial Officer Jim Filarski practicing social distancing working from his home office.

Moose trying to get into a chair with wheels to help with recruiting!

This is a pic of my workmate. I start my days in my house but then move to my patio in the afternoon.

There’s a new furry four legged puppy in our family and she’s helping me work. Her name is Bailey and she is a 9 week old Golden Retriever.

I don’t have a home office, so I decided to build a desk for my living room!

Welcome to my humble recruiting abode, running fast furious. Meet my recruiting partner “Mikey.”

Well this is my working from home scenario…..in a nutshell !!! 😊

Who said working from home meant you have to be stuck inside and can’t enjoy some beautiful, sunny Florida weather?! Fortunately I have my own “Escape Room” as I call it, but when those perfect days come around, my twin toddlers Bennett and Brighten, along with our furry family friend Dewey the Doodle (Golden lol), soak it all in and live life to the fullest at lunchtime!

It’s been very quiet working at home, as I live alone. I have been working in my living room, where I can open my sliding glass door with lots of sunlight, fresh air, and I can hear the birds singing. About five weeks ago four zoo friends appeared one morning, and haven’t left my desk since. A tiger (Leo), reindeer ( Ziggy), bear (Angel), and giraffe ( Zoe)

I was quite surprised!!  They are my furry coworkers for now, and they bring some sunshine to this “work at home and crazy pandemic”.

Meet my new coworkers, Penny and Walter! Walter says the commute is killing his little legs!

Trying out new mask that was made by a family member; so comfortable I just left it on even inside the house (lol)

My coworkers (?) are Ginny & Freyja, who hang around until the morning sun is no longer on their chair, then I’m left alone.

One of my coworkers… he takes a lot of naps, so excuse his bed head. 😊


My kids showing off their homeschool work! MaryGrace kindergarten and George preschool. Then becoming my assistants!

These new furworkers sure are supportive! Always on the hunt for top talent

Coworking with the spouse! Every office has that one lazy coworker. Alex does not like corporate life!

Here is my home work station and my little helper that keeps me company

Harry and PJ like to observe and “help” me in between their naps.

Chris Aiello Working From Home

Me and Carson, hard at work! Carson is a piece of work. He sleeps over 12 hours a day and gets pretty much anything he wants and never has to pay bills or work. Does it get any better?

Since the weather has been nicer, we have an indoor and outdoor work space! My coworker keeps me on my toes while helping brainstorm new Marketing ideas!

She’s even managed to help send a few unfinished emails early!

Spring time in Illinois is one of my favorite times, so happy to be able to work from my balcony and enjoy these beautiful days!!

Taking advantage of working at home to get a little exercise in.  Tell Amanda not to worry as I am wearing steel toe shoes!

“Barking for more candidates.” – Miss Lucina Dao

Here are my Quarantine Study Buddies when I am working from home.  The kids continue with their online school, and Holly…well, she’s not so interested.  She was upset with me for disturbing her sleep.

My assistant isn’t much help! It is a good thing she is cute!

Working from home has been challenging yet fun, I get to spend more time with my fur children! 😊 My cats have a habit of blocking my work space at times and demanding I pay attention to them 😃 Arya and Tyrion just love to get cat hair all over my paperwork. I don’t have a photo/video, but my dog also tends to bark every single time I am on a conference call! Thankfully, there is a mute button for this reason 😊

Working from home has been a pleasant and also bitter sweet since I have not seen my team. Definitely has been a big help with daycare expenses for my 3 year old.

Thank you JSG for allowing us to still make it happen on our end from home and keep workflow going. I had to attach my 3 year old in this since he is the one that watches me work and when on break tells me to go back to work.

My little bit of Organized Cluttered Chaos amidst the hub of activity in our home.  Lets just say there’s not much I miss throughout the day!

Here are a couple of my work from home pictures this week.  My mascots weren’t very cooperative but they are wearing their JSG shirts!

My furbaby cannot help but bother me when I’m working.

I don’t have fur babies or children working at home with me but I do have birds, squirrels, rabbits, stinky skunks (unfortunately), opossum’s, coyotes, deer, turkeys, foxes (which are really cute until they kill my rabbits) but I couldn’t get any of them to pose for my picture.  ☹  (And they all live outdoors.  None of them live indoors with me.  LOL!)  But I just wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed working from home.  There have been so many times that my co-workers and I have come back from lunch and made the comment, “it’s so nice outside, we should be working out there”.  Well while I’ve been working from home, there have actually been some days that have been nice enough, that I have been able to work from the porch.  It really does lift your spirits and I really appreciate this opportunity that JSG has given me to be able to work from home, and from the porch.  Thank you to everyone that has worked so hard to make this all possible and I hope everyone is staying safe!

I had heard of a dog that was in need of foster care because she is due to have puppies. Well I put a few things together one, I have two girls that are more than capable of helping right now and two, a lonely dog that follows me around endlessly lol, so I thought, you know what? We can step up! The neatest thing in the world was all the people who helped to get her here!

Nick Calgaro Work From Home

Here is my setup! Complete with my assistant, Gracie!

Since my husband took the whole living room area, I’m stuck using the kitchen table as my “home office” 😊.  This has been my working area since the lockdown, 03/17.

Since I started working from home, five different birds build their nests around our house (4 in the backyard & 1 by the front door).

But the most hilarious thing that happened so far was when I gave my husband a haircut.  I had him promise before I started working on his hair that no matter what happened, he cannot get mad 😊.

Everything was going good until he asked me if I knew how to “fade”.  I was like “of course I do”, LOL.  And so, that’s when everything turned ugly!

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