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Technical Resume

How To Write A Technical Resume

Crafting a well-written resume is not necessarily an easy task. And with the added pressure of making sure all of your technical skills and experiences are adequately highlighted, it may seem downright daunting. However, with proper organization and thorough descriptions, you can put together a technical resume that will catch the eye of any Hiring Manager. Simply follow these four guidelines when applying to your next technical position.

Clear Organization

This does not mean just organizing sections based on each job. Be sure to distinguish and highlight each job title on your technical resume. Then, create a bulleted list of all of your duties and accomplishments at each position. Finally, create a section just for relevant skills. This is your place to list technical skills that may not have fit well under a specific job title or just to reiterate your expertise in certain areas. (And bonus – it may help you get past any keyword prescreens!)

Describe Your Experience In-Depth

Your experience and the skills you’ve picked up along the way are what make you a great technical professional. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you properly highlight all of your qualifications. Use numbers to quantify your accomplishments. Don’t forget to include strong action verbs when describing responsibilities, such as “managed, executed, or developed.” These words give ownership to what you’ve done and leave a lasting impression.

List Your Certifications

Most candidates with technical experience have acquired a certification or two throughout their careers. Often, you are acquiring new or renewing ongoing certifications every single year. Be sure to list these on your technical resume, and don’t forget to include the date of acquisition, along with any certification numbers (if applicable).

Keep It Simple

As a technical expert, your skills speak for themselves. There’s no need to add a ton of bells and whistles to your resume. In fact, it may actually distract from the meat of your experience! Keep the focus on your work history by removing any pictures, colors, references, addresses, or any other irrelevant information.

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