streamline your hiring process

How to Streamline Your Hiring Process in 2020

Many companies are slowing down right now. The holidays are just around the corner, and that much-needed time off is directly in your sight. But if you’re a hiring manager, the opposite is likely occurring. You’re figuring out ways to get your critical roles filled and how to do it more efficiently next year. However, this can be challenging if you have an inefficient hiring process. If you’re reflecting on how you and your team can better navigate our tight job market, here’s how to streamline your hiring process in 2020.

Write better job descriptions

The first thing you want to do is take a 10,000-foot view of your job descriptions. No matter how great your hiring process is, if your job descriptions stink, you’re not going to get the right resumes on your desk. Many job seekers are only casually browsing, and thus, your job description really needs to stand out at them. Make them concise, engaging, but not too fluffy. Share a little glimpse of your culture and why your company would be an excellent employer. If you’re ever unsure about your descriptions, read one over and ask yourself if you’d apply for the job. If the answer is no, you have some work to do!

Ask for interview feedback

If you are hosting interview after interview with no luck, why not ask your candidates for some feedback? Whether it’s a brief survey you send them or a simple email, it’s never a bad idea to hear how you can improve from those going through your hiring process. If a candidate backs out of the process or declines your job offer, don’t be afraid to ask for some constructive criticism. This can be an invaluable exercise to help improve your hiring process in 2020.

Move it along efficiently

We won’t spend too much time here as we have discussed this topic numerous times throughout the year. Your team must speed up your hiring process. We have a saying in our industry: “time kills all deals.” In this hot market, you will lose out on your candidates if you take too long to interview, onboard them, or fail to provide feedback to your recruiters.

Partner with a recruiting firm

Speaking of recruiters, one of the easiest ways to streamline your hiring process in 2020 is to partner with a recruiting firm, like Johnson Service Group. We will take the leg work out of your recruiting efforts by sourcing, interviewing, and communicating with candidates. If you’re looking to improve your hiring next year, let’s work together and help you find the talent you need.