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JSG Employee Spotlight: Candace Pham

Candace Pham, Sr. Technical Recruiter - JSG Employee Spotlight

Today we’re excited to be pointing our spotlight on Candace Pham, a Senior Technical Recruiter out of our Dallas office. Candace has been with the JSG team for over ten years and has been an integral part of our growth in the Aerospace Engineering Recruiting space. Keep reading to learn more about Candace and her impressive career!

You have been a Senior Technical Recruiter with JSG for over ten years! Tell us a little bit more about your career here.

After college, I interviewed with Rich Geil (JSG Senior Vice President) and worked with him for eight years at another recruiting firm. Eventually, we both transitioned to Johnson Service Group and have been more than happy with our decision ever since. We started with the two of us and now we have more than 17 employees in our office. I want us to keep growing.

I love that I am able to work with the same boss – we work together really well. Rich is a Senior Vice President but also a great salesperson as well as a respectful leader. I help Rich with interviewing and training new recruiters in our Bedford office.  I’m hoping that JSG will be my last company until retirement!

Can you provide a little more insight into recruiting for the Aerospace Industry?

The aerospace industry is a bit more challenging than it was ten years ago. When we first started with JSG, they didn’t have an Aerospace Engineering office, so we were the first ones. We built it up and grew it over the years, specializing in contract work.

However, in today’s market, more and more people are hiring for permanent roles vs. contract positions. While this presents new obstacles, we still manage to connect with clients that still required some contract works.  Being in the industry, I have been able to build relationships with many industry professionals over the years. This helps tremendously in our ability to place contractors with trusted clients.

What is your favorite part about being a recruiter?

Knowing that you’ve helped change someone’s life for the better is an amazing feeling is my favorite part about being a recruiter, and the satisfaction you get from this doesn’t get much better.  And best of all, the relationships I’ve grown over the years make my job so great!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love to spend time with my family and friends.   I am a mother of three boys, so you can imagine how crazy that can be with all their sport and school activities. My husband owns a restaurant which makes it even more fun for me.  But that doesn’t stop me from being a full time mom after work.

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