JSG Employee Spotlight: Sidney Williams

Sidney Williams

Sidney Williams is a Business Development Manager at JSG. He works out of our Calabasas, CA office and has been with JSG for nearly three years. During this time, Sidney has made a tremendous impact on our company. Keep reading to learn more about Sidney and his exciting career!

Tell us a little about your career and how you found your way into the staffing industry

I started my career in sales as a Financial Services Representative at First Tennessee Bank while I was attending The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. That’s where I got my first experience with business development and inside sales, and I developed a knack for sales. However, I migrated into recruiting with Tennessee Valley Authority in 2011, where I received a lot of experience with recruiting on the corporate side. Then, my wife and I moved to California several years later, and in September 2016, I began working at JSG as a Technical Recruiter.

While working as a Recruiter at JSG, I had the opportunity to go on several client visits and helped close a few deals. That’s when I realized my passion was in sales and decided I wanted to reignite my sales career. I approached Jim Beckley, our Senior Vice President, about transitioning into a sales position. In March of 2018, I officially became a Business Development Manager in our Calabasas office.

You started at JSG as a Technical Recruiter and now your role has shifted to business development. How has that transition been for you?

I’ve now been a Business Development Manager for a year-and-a-half at JSG. The transition has been very smooth, thanks to my background in sales. Our office has broken several revenue records and I am enjoying the return to my roots in sales.

What’s different about recruiting in a corporate environment compared to working in the staffing industry?

Corporate recruiting is more so farming than hunting, so-to-speak. However, in the staffing industry, you get to do hunting and farming. In other words, I have the opportunity to go out and search for talented candidates to fill open positions my team is working on. I enjoy sourcing candidates and helping them change their lives and career paths. It’s a very rewarding feeling when you help a candidate find a great job opportunity and help your client fill a critical role in this tight market.

What are some of the trends or challenges you and your team faced in the staffing industry in the first half of 2019?

Today’s market is extremely competitive, especially in California. The market in California is approximately 30 percent saturated with staffing firms. So, many of our clients and other employers in the California market are relying on staffing firms to source much-needed talent. To overcome this, my team and I must continue to differentiate ourselves and JSG from the competition; we must illustrate how we can offer customized staffing solutions for each of our clients.

What markets or industries do you mostly partner with?

Our team in Calabasas specializes in a few areas. Aviation and aerospace have been key for our team. We also recruit heavily in the manufacturing and IT markets, and over the last few months, we’ve seen an uptick with fiber optics organizations.

Tell us a little about what you like to do outside of work

I am a young man with an old soul. I like to do anything that is essential to the soul, including cooking, working out, and traveling. In my free time, I volunteer with a couple of youth programs as a mentor. My wife and I also host a marriage podcast and it’s been experiencing some exciting growth.