JSG Employee Spotlight: Margo Garcia

Margo Garcia

Margo Garcia is an Employee Services Representative and works out of JSG’s San Jose, CA office. She’s been with JSG for almost nine years and plays an integral role at the company. We had the opportunity to sit down with Margo and ask her a few questions about her career. Here’s what she had to say.

Tell us a little about your career and how you ended up at JSG.

I was a receptionist at Butler International where I worked with both Jim Beckley and John Garcia. I worked with both of them for several years until I moved to Central Valley and began working for another employer. About eight years later, I got in contact with Jim again and began working as an Administrative Assistant in the San Jose office. After some time, I transitioned into more of a payroll position as an Employee Services Representative.

How has JSG changed over the years?

When I first started working at the San Jose office, there was just a few of us, including Jim and John. The Western Region of JSG was just starting to form. Over the years, we kept getting bigger and bigger and hiring more and more people. When I first started working at JSG, the Calabasas and Irvine offices were just getting going. Now all three of our offices in California are growing and looking to add more people to the team.

What do you enjoy about working for JSG?

Working with Jim through the years has been great; he’s a wonderful boss. The team here in San Jose and the other two offices in California are great to work with.  The other girls in the office are always keeping me on my toes and teaching me new tricks. It’s nice meeting lots of new people and being able to talk with all sorts of candidates and clients from different industries.

How was the transition from being a receptionist to working in payroll?

I have a great background in customer service. For years I was a customer service representative and later an escrow assistant. When Jim first hired me, I was an Administrative Assistant. I had no payroll background at all. Over time, I learned a lot and we all grew together. I kind of just rolled with it and have now been doing this for nearly nine years.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy going bowling with my family and have several family members who belong to bowling leagues. I also enjoy spending time with my family and going camping at the Santa Cruz beach or in Central Valley. In June, I will actually be retiring and this summer will be going on a cruise with my family to Alaska to celebrate.