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Foster Zembraski

JSG Employee Spotlight: Foster Zembraski

Foster Zembraski

Say hello to Foster Zembraski, a Senior Recruiter from our Irvine, CA office. Foster has been with JSG for a little over three years but has made a tremendous impact within the company already. We had the opportunity to sit down with him and learn a little bit more about his career. Here’s what he had to say.

Tell us a little about your career and time with JSG.

I’ve been in the Staffing Industry since 2004 when I started working for Volt as a Recruiting Assistant. At Volt, I was kind of the go-to guy. I did everything from support and admin duties, budgeting, going through resumes, and developing employee relations. The branch I worked for was #1 in the organization for eight consecutive years in a row. I was able to learn a lot about the industry and it definitely prepared me for my role as a recruiter.

After I left Volt, I briefly worked as an onsite-project manager. But after a few months, I applied for a recruiting position at JSG and was brought in for an interview. I was questioned about my experience since my previous position was a support role, but I was given the chance to come work for JSG. I have now been with the company for just over three years and I truly love it. Jim Beckley, my Senior Vice President, has given me the independence and opportunity to create a new career as a recruiter. It’s almost been like a 360-degree change, but I love my role as a recruiter.

You were a Recruiting Assistant for 11 years prior to joining JSG. How has this role helped you be successful here at JSG?

Working as a support member for Volt gave me a great background of the Staffing & Recruiting world. I learned to be to become a great multitasker and work on many different things at once. This allows me to efficiently juggle many different positions at a time while still effectively communicating with my team, our clients, and our candidates. Essentially, my support role has allowed me to successfully run a full desk as a recruiter. It has also allowed me to understand the needs of my clients and help them fill their positions with great candidates.

At Volt, I worked primarily for admin, finance, and manufacturing roles. But at JSG, I am able to work on any type of position and I am not limited to a strict territory. I’m truly not afraid to work on any position that hits my desk because my background provided me with the skillsets to be a successful recruiter here at JSG.

What do you enjoy most about being a recruiter?

Working in the service industry where I had to provide customer service helped me develop a passion for people. I love talking to different people and building strong relationships. As a recruiter, I have the opportunity to help people find the next step in their career. It’s my passion to inspire and connect with people and to help them advance their career.

What motivates you to come into work every single day?

You have to have mind over matter. I am very driven and self-motivated, which allows me to come into work every day with a positive attitude and get work done. You can’t overthink everything and must always have a sense of urgency. People’s lives are at stake when you are helping them find new career opportunities, so that is a big motivator on its own.

What are your goals for 2019?

My personal goal is to always provide my candidates and clients with world-class service in a forever-changing industry and provide the best customer service possible.

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