Take the Luck Out of Your Job Search this March

jober search

Let’s be honest. Searching for a new job can be hard. If you are submitting resume after resume with little to no results, it can start to feel like more of a raffle than a job search. You go into each interview hoping that this one will be the one, but find yourself being passed over, again and again. However, if we are proactive and control what we can control, luck in this process is irrelevant.

Do Your Homework

This is the most important piece of your job search; the beginning stages will shape the rest of your process. You first want to identify the types of opportunities open and attractive to you. Try to find jobs with relevancy between your education, experiences, and skills. With thousands of job openings nationwide, online job boards are filled to the brim with opportunity. Other sites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor include similar resources and should be routinely checked during your search.

Be sure to review their salary insights to determine that you’ll be fairly compensated, and you can even set alerts on LinkedIn so you never miss a company’s update or job listing. Sites like ours also host jobs for numerous companies and industries across the country, as well as provides articles giving advice on anything from what to wear to learning to deal with failure.

When you reach the interview stage of the process, the studying ramps up even further. Leverage the internet to find any relevant information you can on a company, industry, or the role you’re interviewing for. It is imperative to demonstrate competence in these areas, as anything but will convey being underprepared or disinterested. Two traits that will deem you unfit for hire. Glassdoor is again a great resource. You can find first-hand testimony from current or former employees who shed light on anything from company culture to the questions asked during an interview.

Work with a Recruiter

If you really want to take the luck out of your search, turn to a professional. Recruiters, like the ones at Johnson Service Group, are trained to connect highly qualified people with open job opportunities. Often, they are aware of openings that you may not be. Sometimes, these jobs may not be public, as the recruiter actively reaches out to potential candidates online. To be available for these opportunities, make sure you “Let recruiters know you’re open” on your LinkedIn is switched to “on.”

The search itself can also be time-consuming, especially if you are juggling other responsibilities. A recruiter takes this weight off your shoulders, knowing a trained professional is helping you find a new job on the other end of the rainbow.