JSG Employee Spotlight: Linda McCarron

Linda McCarron

Say hello to Linda McCarron, is a Sr. Technical Recruiter for our Pelham, AL office. She’s been with JSG for nearly 11 years and her team specializes in sourcing engineering and construction professionals. We sat down with Linda to get to learn more about her career here at JSG.

You’ve been with JSG for nearly 11 years. Tell us a little about your career and how you found your way to way to JSG?

I was actually working for the school board doing payroll services when a friend of mine who worked for JSG approached me about becoming a recruiter. I had no background in recruiting, but I quickly became excited about this opportunity. I worked with numbers all day and was bored with my job, so I was excited about a career change. I interviewed for the position, accepted my job offer, and have been working at JSG ever since.

I originally worked for the Mobile, AL office as a Technical Recruiter. After a while, I was promoted to Branch Manager of the Mobile office. However, about a year ago, we decided to close the office and now I work remotely from home as a Sr. Technical Recruiter. My focus is on engineering, construction, and nuclear disciplines for both contract and perm positions.

In about two more weeks, the first quarter of 2019 will be over. What do you predict for the labor market throughout the rest of the year?

January was off to a little bit of a slower start for the Nuclear Energy world, but it’s wide open now! I received three new positions to recruit on yesterday and one more today. The labor market is really heating up and is only going to get busier (and better!) as the year progresses.

Do you have any advice for employers trying to navigate this tight job market?

If I could give one piece of advice to employers out there in this tight job market, it would be to partner with a recruiter (one from JSG, to be precise!). It can be hard to find the people your team needs in this competitive market. However, at JSG, we have lots of tools, databases, and the right people in place to find the best candidates your team needs!

The Staffing & Recruiting industry is very competitive. What keeps you motivated every single day?

What keeps me going in this competitive industry is the competitiveness itself. I’m a competitive person and I love the challenge that comes with recruiting. Every single day is a little different and it makes it a fun environment to work in. A career in recruiting is very rewarding, both financially and personally. Being a recruiter is very self-fulfilling as it allows you to make a huge impact on the lives of others. I have the opportunity every day to help my clients find talented candidates, as well as help people out there, find new careers.

Knowing you are helping others every day is a great feeling. I love it when I get a phone call from my candidates thanking me for helping them find their next position. Many of the people I get to work with are truly grateful for my help, so it’s a wonderful feeling.