JSG Employee Spotlight: Krishna Nalla

Krishna Nalla

Krishna Nalla is an IT System Analyst for Johnson Service Group. He’s been a big part of our IT Department for almost a year-and-a-half and works in our corporate headquarters in Chicago. We sat down with Krishna to learn a little more about him and his role at JSG.

You’ve probably spoken to almost every employee at JSG, but they probably don’t know much about you. Tell us a little about yourself.

From an early age, I’ve always been interested in technology. I always enjoyed finding new technologies to solve problems or complete tasks to make my day more efficient. I went to the University of Illinois (U of I) where I majored in Agricultural Engineering.

During my undergraduate courses, I found technology becoming more and more useful in my daily life. I would use software in some of my classes and developed an understanding of how technology can make my life more efficient. A couple of years after I left U of I, I began working as a support member for JSG’s IT Team.

What made you want to start a career in IT?

Technology was a personal spark of curiosity growing up and I wanted to turn that spark into a career. During my college career, I often worked with others and after I left U of I, I became a math and reading tutor. Through my education and volunteer work, I developed a passion for customer service and helping others. I started working at JSG in late 2017, and I enjoy offering technical support for our employees.

Additionally, I love sitting in on meetings and researching solutions to help solve others’ problems. I’ve played around with software development, but ultimately, I find joy with working with the end-user. I like hearing the problems of others and finding the best solution to address those problems. It is truly rewarding knowing that every day I get to help make the lives of others at JSG more efficient and easier.

As 2019 is in full swing, our IT team has been growing. Tell us how the focus of your work at JSG has been changing?

When I first started working for JSG, I was sort of a jack of all trades, offering everything from level 1-4 support, inventory management, and more. Now, with the addition of Uma Suthan, our new VP of Information Technology, and Michael Polite in our Atlanta office, I have an opportunity to invest more time with finding new software and solutions to improve JSG’s IT processes. I also get to spend more of my day working with revenue-generating applications, which has been a lot of fun so far.

I am always looking to challenge myself and build upon my skills. Currently, I’m taking a web development course and would like to enroll in database enterprise courses to better myself. Technology is always changing; I must continue to self-learn to keep up with my certifications and continue supporting JSG applications.