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jober search

Take the Luck Out of Your Job Search this March

jober search

We know that sometimes landing a new position can feel like the luck of the draw. However, you can increase your odds of advancing your career during a job search by following a few simple steps. (And you don’t even need the luck of the Irish to do it!)

Do Your Homework

This is arguably the most important step in your job search. Doing your homework upfront can completely transform the rest of the process. First of all, you want to identify the types of opportunities open and attractive to you. Try to find jobs with relevancy between your education, experiences, and skills. With thousands of job openings nationwide, online job boards are full of opportunity. Other sites like LinkedIn or Glassdoor include similar resources, and you should definitely bookmark them during your search.

Be sure to review in-depth information on these sites as well. With a quick search, you can learn about company culture, interview questions, and even average salary ranges. (And don’t forget to sign up for newsletters or set alerts on LinkedIn so you never miss a company’s update or job listing!) For example, the Johnson Service Group website is home to job listings for hundreds of great companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, it provides articles giving job search advice on anything from what to wear to learning to deal with failure.

Work with a Recruiter

If you really want to take the luck out of your search, turn to a professional. Recruiters, like the ones at Johnson Service Group, are trained to connect highly qualified people with open job opportunities. Often, they have exclusive access to job openings. These jobs may not be public, as the recruiter has direct relationships with hiring managers. To be available for these opportunities, make sure you connect with a recruiter!

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