Your Best Friend in a Job Search is Your Recruiter


Whether you are searching passively or are currently on the hunt while unemployed, there is no better person to assist you on your job search than a recruiter. They may contact you through social media on sites like LinkedIn or through email. Or you can always reach out to them! While trusting your career in the hands of someone you may not personally know, there are tons of reasons why working with a recruiter is in your best interest. Here are my top three.

They Save You Time

While you may work in any number of industries, they are completely devoted to finding others jobs. If you are struggling in your job search, don’t fret. Finding jobs isn’t your career, it’s theirs. Therefore, you can focus on any number of other items, whether that be a job you currently hold or raising a family. Those hours spent filling out job applications and navigating job boards can be insufferable, but for a recruiter, it’s just another day at the office.

Cast a Larger Net

Even the best networkers or relationship builders can benefit from a recruiter. The value they add to your job search by including their network and relationships increase the number of potential jobs you are qualified for. More opportunities mean a greater chance you land in a role you love with fair compensation.

They may even open job opportunities you never knew existed! Recruiters, like the ones at JSG, have great relationships with their clients. Recruiters often source candidates that are nowhere to be found on a job board online.

It’s Their Job

Recruiters will do everything in their power to place you in a job. While they love that their career revolves around helping people find jobs that are rewarding, they do have other incentives. Recruiters are paid for placing successful candidates with companies, at no cost to you. Our recruiters do this quickly, honestly, and work with you through the entire process to find you a situation that you will love. Thus, they are just as invested in finding you a job as you are; their job is done and successful once you are comfortable, and not a second sooner.

So, are you ready to work with a recruiter to find your next opportunity?